Lunatic Hooker Are 'Embracing The Filth' With Their Debut Full Length
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jools green
Jools Green
27th April 2017

lunatic hooker

If you fancy a chunk of punishing and pulverising Death/Grind, then you may well enjoy 'Embracing The Filth', the twelve track, forty minute chunk of Grind insanity from London five-piece Lunatic Hooker.

LH were allegedly born out of disillusionment from their former bands but given the guts and gusto that erupts from this debut release, I find that hard to believe as it oozes energy, enthusiasm and humour. In many ways both the name of the band and the album title tell you all you need to know about what to expect from this release but in case you still aren't sure, the release begins with the explosively sinister and rather excellent 'My God Is Bigger Than Yours' and ends on the crushingly heavy and slow sludge landslide 'Sarlac', inspired by Jabba The Hutt's favourite pet, and in-between there is filth in abundance, dirty riffing, deranged rasping vocals, unrelenting drum work which also at times has a nice slack edge to it. particularly on 'Spain In The Neck'.

Favourite tracks for me are 'Transformation Walrus', a version of which appeared on their demo. It's an addictive little number with second half off-kilter lead work that accentuates the slightly off-kilter dirty riffs that course through it's length. Also 'See The Light' where the twin vocal delivery is superb, the best vocals of the album in fact, particularly how they echo the repeat "I will never see the light – You will never see the light", completed by delightfully deranged lead work in the second half and the bonus track, a superb and unique 'blues-grind' cover of Motörhead's '(We Are) The Road Crew'. You've never heard it covered quite like this - it's nuts!

Other highlights are 'Unearthed Dead Children' with it's harsh vitriolic edge on second vocals where the delivery cuts through like a rusty knife, the addictive listen that is 'Fucks All' and finally 'Cult Chaos' where the superb sinister edge is completed by insane lead guitar work.

lunatic hooker

My God Is Bigger Than Yours
Beard Feared
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
Unearthed Dead Children
Embracing The Filth
Blood Eagle
Fucks All
Cult Chaos
Transformation Walrus
See The Light
Spain In The Neck
Bonus: (We Are) The Road Crew

Adding that extra final touch to the album is Anaal Nathrakh's Mick Kenney, who is responsible for the mastering, and the whole package is completed with artwork created by Dan Capp of Winterfylleth. 'Embracing The Filth' is out now on Black Bow Records.

It's a brutal and gruelling onslaught and not for the faint hearted but fans of Rotten Sound, Napalm Death and Nasum should find this of great interest and it's an album that really grows on you the more you listen.




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