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jools green
20th December 2017
Jools Green


If ever an album is going to make me nostalgic for the golden era of Death/Grind/Crust then 'Total Destruction' from Belgian Deathcrust five piece 'Marginal' would be the one.

They certainly have their roots firmly planted in that bygone era but still sound relevant and fresh with influences coming from the likes of early Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Nasum and Discharge.

'Total Destruction' is twelve compact and to the point trac,s spanning twenty nine minutes with most coming in just over the two minute mark.

The sound is full, fast and crushingly consistent with a clarity to raw vocal delivery. I like that they've gone for more aggressive lyrical inspiration, rather than overdoing the political agenda theme, it has put the fun back into the genre.

However that's not to say they don't express an opinion in that direction, it's just not up in your face throughout. Although the grind element is subtle it's there, in particular in 'Fucked Up Society' which has that lovely frenetic quality.

As for the rest, well it's predominantly a crusty old beast, a real D-Beat extravaganza, as well as deathly ferocious and nasty, but in such a fun way.

The highlights for me, and there are a lot, are; 'Barbarians' with its hypnotic unrelenting repeat riff and squealing leads, 'Delirium Tremens' which continues in a similar manner and also encompasses more of that frenetic quality that'll rear its head later on in previously mentioned 'Fucked up Society'.

'Impaled' which develops into an interesting chugging beast of a track particularly with the arrival of the high squeals of "Impaled!!". I'm not sure if its guest female vocalist or they are just doing a Napalm Death there.

'Useless Scum' one of the very brief offerings at under two minutes and has racy dirty groove that just bounces along, as is 'I Used To Be Intelligent' which intersperses the line "I used to be intelligent but now I don't care" with manic riffing and some rather complex drum work.

Also, and in contrast 'Rat Kebab' one of the longer ones at over three minutes and a bit of a strange beast, in an interesting way because you really can't fathom where it's going to go.

The track is slower and sinister for the whole of the first half and instrumental before suddenly slapping into the D-Beats, up tempo riffing and lyrics.

'Atom Sapiens' makes a statement, along with the final track, both opening on brief extracts of Oppenheimer's "Now I am become death…”" speech, a Metal stalwart that is used a lot.

It's powerful and isn't used in excess here, just enough to make a point and add weight to the tracks with the final piece 'Total Destruction' coming in as a much slower track with huge bleak dirty guitars and extended vocal growls.

It's very darkly anthemic and powerful, ending on a huge explosion. It doesn't get more final than that.

Delirium Tremens
Useless Scum
I used to be Intelligent
Rat Kebab
The Violent Way
Leach Invader
Fucked up Society
Atom Sapiens
Total Destruction

'Total Destruction' is via Transcending Obscurity Records. It's not intended to be a ground breaker, just a fun-filled aggressive listen which it absolutely is.




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