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jools green
Jools Green
3rd May 2017


I am seriously impressed with 'Grievous Psychosis', the debut full studio released from Polish Death/Doom Metal five-piece Martyrdoom.

It follows a 2012 split with Ezkaton and a demo in 2013 and while those releases were good, they've focused their sound since then, so much so you can't find fault with this release at all.

The musicianship and composition is great and all the elements gel instinctively well.

Martyrdoom take, on the whole, a slower pace to their sound, a more Doom laden pace with Death Metal constructs rather than the reverse approach that many Death/Doom bands take, but without being too slow and drawn out, not a full on Doom dirge, just deliberating enough for a dark and dramatic effect but there are also sudden manic waves which wow and surprise and this also gives a bleak sinister edge and allows for the vocals, which in many of the tracks emerge from the slower phase with the manic bursts surrounding them, to have a very sinister and protracted delivery.


It's these vocals that are the crucial factor, set slightly to the back of the overall sound, so it draws you in, with a very unearthly edge to their delivery as well as being very well intonated, a mix of the raw rasp of Asphyx's Martin Van Drunen and the deliberation of Obituary's John Tardy is the best analogy.

With the overall sound slightly in the vein of Obituary, Immolation, Autopsy and Grave but still with a sound and approach that is all their own. The result is crushingly visceral.

Betrayed Trust
Bloody Incarnations
Oldschool Death
Lucifer Rise
Drowned In Void
Face Without A Person

'Grievous Psychosis' is available from Memento Mori and is out now.




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