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mean messiah

Mean Messiah, the industrial Death/Thrash Metal outfit from Czech Republic, were originally just a one man project, formed by the multi-instrumentalist, musician and producer Dan Friml, formerly of Sebastian and Apostasy.

The debut release, the aptly named 'Hell', is "a conceptual piece of music where the lyrics reflect how people's journeys and destinies are complicated and either way lead to Hell".

mean messiah

It was intended for release at the end of 2006 but was fraught with problems and complications from the very beginning. The recording process eventually took over seven years before finally being completed and independently released in 2013, honed down to eight songs in a format that satisfied the maddening perfectionism of their creator, Dan.

With the line-up now expanded with the addition of drummer Honza Šebek and bassist Veronika Smetanová, they released an EP, 'Let Us Pray', in 2016 and 'Hell' is now re-released on Polish independent label Via Nocturna with the addition of a bonus track, 'Remedy', which is taken from the EP.

Soundwise it's a mixture of Thrash and Death Metal with a touch of progressive and industrial, available to listen to exclusively in the UK right here.

mean messiah



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