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jools green
31st January 2017
Jools Green


"Omerta: a code of honour or silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to the police."

Also the superb third full length from Dutch Symphonic Black Metal band Misanthropia, following their 2006 'Rise Of Necropolis' and Slang Des Doods' in 2010.

Originally just a digital release, 'Omerta' is now out on Polish the label Via Nocturna, hopefully reaching a wider audience because an album of this calibre needs to be heard.

Their style has gradually become more polished across the three releases, with a sharpening and defining of their sound and style, which is very reminiscent of early Dimmu Borgir with subtle hints of Bal-Sagoth and Carach Angren, with songs that mainly centre around the melody and mood of the music rather than brutality or technical aspects, it also expands into a progressive style at times along with keyboard driven symphonics that are subtly applied, as are the discreet use of chorals.

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Bram Koller's vocals are wonderfully dark and vitriolic, with a good range, variety and clarity to their delivery, sitting well with the very brutal lyrical content, adding a good contrasting balance against the symphonics and melody, as do the very slick tempo and direction changes that are employed throughout.

The catchy melody across the release plays an important role in the construction of the tracks making it very listener friendly as well as haunting and the construction, musicianship and production across the album is excellent, the result being a fluid, clean and precise offering. I have no favourite track; the whole album is a superb listen.

Morte Dei Capi
230 Park Avenue
Rattling Guns And A Barking Shepherd
Torture’ Slower
Il Pasto Sanguinario
The Infinite Winter
The Executioner
A Membership Of Violence And Bloodlust

The drum tracks were recorded by Mike in Studio Soulless (Grave) in Stockholm, mixing and mastering at the SolnaSound Recording Studio in Sweden by Mike Wead (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Bibleblack, Nattas) who mixed and mastered 'Slang Des Doods' in 2010, returning to work his magic here on 'Omerta' along with Simon Johansson (Wolf).

The album's artwork is by Jan Örkki Yrlund (Darkgrove Design), who has also designed album covers for bands such as Manowar, Korpiklaani, Impaled Nazarene and Sirenia.




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