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jools green
21st August 2017
Jools Green

mist of misery

Determined not to rest on their "maudlin' laurels", Swedish Symphonic Black Metal/DSBM outfit Mist Of Misery return with a follow-up to last August's deeply reflective full length, 'Absence', a seven track EP called 'Shackles Of Life'.

Written and recorded in tandem with another EP, 'Fields Of Isolation', 'Shackles Of Life' represents the first of two chapters and the band comments:

"The themes on both EP's vary quite a lot from our earlier works, but the original concept of Mist Of Misery is still there. Those who have heard our latest release, 'Absence', will surely find some similarities to both that album and also to our earlier releases."

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It is once again a release interspersed with reflective piano led instrumentals and still has that strong contrast between the crushing depressive blackened elements garnished with a tortuous vocal delivery and the haunting symphonic keyboard/piano led parts but this time around it's smoother and more fluid.

Trying to pick a favourite track from the three main tracks is difficult; 'Shackles Of Life' with its reflective piano opener, waves of symphonics, tight as Hell black riffs, tortuous screams and piano interludes combined offering stark contrast, or the EP single, 'Broken Chains', with its haunting deep chorals developing into an unnerving listen as the midpoint spoken vocals over screams become distorted/reversed.

Or the shorter but no less excellent 'Dagon' which builds from an acoustic guitar opener into a pounding, crushing chunk of blackened, Lovecraft-influenced brutality. 'Dagon' may well have just the edge because it's such a stunningly unexpected and brutal surprise.

The final piece, 'Closing Chapter', is a fascinatingly reflective piano led piece overlaid with spoken lyrics drawing the EP nicely to its conclusion.

mist of misery

1. Shackles Of Life
2. Placid Drowning (instrumental)
3. Broken Chains
4. A Dreamless Void (Euthanasia part 2) (instrumental)
5. Dagon
6. Opening Chapter To A Solitary Confinement (instrumental)
7. Closing Chapter

'Shackles Of Life' will, like 'Absence', available via Black Lion Records in CD and digital format globally at and the second chapter, 'Fields Of Isolation', will be released at a later date as yet unannounced but given how much I've enjoyed this and the previous album, I'm already looking forward to it immensely.




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