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jools green
1st December 2017
Jools Green

morbid angel

Morbid Angel, considered by many to be the true forefathers of Death Metal, return with their ninth studio album 'Kingdoms Disdained' and are determined to live up to that moniker.

This release finds founder Trey Azagthoth once again getting creative alongside returning vocalist/bassist Steve Tucker, aiming to "create a crushingly heavy and highly apocalyptic soundtrack for these increasingly dark times".

After just one listen I can confirm they have nailed that brief, anyone wanting an utter face ripper of an album is going to be in a state of ecstasy when they hear this as it is as heavy and as brutal as you could wish for.

Lyrically they aim to "confront fans and non-believers alike, with Tucker's lyrics destined to spark deep conversation on several angles of mysticism and darkness", so serious stuff is afoot.

There's no easing in either, from the start of opener 'Piles of Little Arms' it's wall-to-wall unrelenting brutality, complex switching that makes your head spin, all served on a bed of violent Death Metal and Tucker's vocal delivery is the knockout blow.

Having him back on the vocals and behind the lyrics really makes a huge impact on the overall sound and it seems to have inspired Trey Azagthoth to push himself further also as some of the guitar work is pretty insane, particularly in the first half of the album on 'Piles of Little Arms' and 'D.E.A.D.'.

'Garden of Disdain' announces "this world of useless being, this endless festering" with crushingly delivered riffing, drum battery and low squealing leads making the overall result dark and superbly sinister and by the time you get to 'Architect and Iconoclast' the insanity levels out and the whole album gets even better.

The pace drops slightly just enough to allow the riffs to become even heavier and more precise, some really great drum work starts to emerge, well-considered patterns alongside the unrelenting battery and a vitriolic slant to the vocal delivery on this track in particular as well as some exciting bursts of lead work.

'The Pillars Crumbling' has a complex yet heavy groove along with superbly insane second half guitars, both with a hypnotic quality to their construct.

'For No Master' has a fascinating intonation to the vocals and the dark 'Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)' also has an interesting burst of closing guitar work which breaks the trance that the pummelling rhythms have induced.

'From the Hand of Kings' is full of surprises, bendy riffs, slick switching and an almost psychedelic mood in places.

'Kingdoms Disdained' was recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL and produced by Morbid Angel with Erik Rutan, who considering he covered some of the guitars for Morbid Angel between 1993-1996 and 1999-2002 and has handled previous production for them, knows both what they expect from an album and what they are capable of as a band, so an ideal choice.

Piles of Little Arms
Garden of Disdain
The Righteous Voice
Architect and Iconoclast
Paradigms Warped
The Pillars Crumbling
For No Master
Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)
From the Hand of Kings
The Fall of Idols

'Kingdoms Disdained' will be released in CD Jewel case, CD digipack with lenticular cover artwork, 180 grams 12" vinyl gatefold, and Super Deluxe Box set via Silver Lining Music.




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