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jools green
Jools Green
15th February 2017

morta skuld

'Wounds Deeper Than Time' is the first studio release from Wisconsin's best kept Death Metal secret, Morta Skuld, in twenty years. They formed in 1990 and split in 1998, resurfacing again in 2012.

Time, and to an extent their sound, has moved on since their last full length, 1997s 'Surface', so anyone expecting that rough old school Death Metal sound is going to be in for a shock/surprise.

This time around they've ditched that raw, somewhat disjointed sound in favour of a slightly more modern approach, something that I think is a good route because you can't disappear for twenty years and try to pick up where you left off after such a long hiatus.

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2017 finds Morta Skuld with much more of a technical finesse to their sound. There is still that edge of old school rawness but with a twenty-first century approach, it's tighter, much more crushing and brutal and as sharp as a tack with some great lead work thrown in for a bit more excitement.

Much is obviously down to improvements in studio production, but there was a disjointed, raw and sloppy element to 'Surface' that is gone. Vocally it's better, still a rasping growl but the definition to the lyrical content is sharper. The production again coudl be slightly better but one thing is certain and that is Dave Gregor has lost none of his edge. If anything his voice has developed and improved, the only area of minor indifference being the lyrics are not overly inspiring but everything else more than compensates for that minor issue.

No one track stands out as a particular favourite, neither are there any that I feel the urge to skip. As a whole it's a pretty decent listen.

morta skuld

Breathe In The Black
Hating Life
My Weakness
Against The Origin
In Judgment
Wounds Deeper Than Time
Scars Within
Devour The Chaos
Becoming One Flesh




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