Jools Green
The Abyss
10th May 2019


Swedish Black Metallers Murdryck return with their second full-length, 'Födelsen', and if, like me, you enjoyed their 2016 offering, 'Antologi MMXV' then you'll be equally impressed with this latest endeavour.

'Födelsen' continues in that aggressive, guitar orientated sound, again bolstered by the unrelenting drum delivery found on 'Antologi MMXV' with the 'semi-melodic' undertone in just enough quantity to give a listenable edge. There's also a few gems here that have that very addictively catchy quality that makes them stand out, particularly 'Blood Sacrifice', my favourite of the release, but overall they've developed their sound further since the last album. It's the same, it's just delivered even better and it's always good to see a band continue to sharpen and hone their craft, especially given how good 'Antologi MMXV' was.

You get eight tracks, spanning forty-one minutes with 'Födelsen', a well varied album starting with the 'Intro', an atmospheric, slightly militaristic, symphonic piece which sets an atmosphere whilst being a complete contrast to what follows.


Starting with 'Vålnad', I love the guitar work; it starts off sounding a reminiscent of early Agalloch, before expanding and driving at you in powerful waves, which sit well next to the vitriolic rasps and deeper growls.

In contrast, 'Födelsen' is slower, more intense and with a sinister haunting air and despite the slower pace there's still an intensity to the riffs and overall delivery.

Powerful and determined from the offset, 'Sea Spirit Of The Night' has a punchy delivery to the guitars and drum work with haunting, drum rich quieter moments and stunning second half lead work; a great track.

I love this album in its entirety, but with it's opening cymbal crashes and slightly Gothic sounding riffing, 'Blood Sacrifice' is a track that ticks every box for me. It has a slight groove, addictive riffs against acerbic vocals and a catchy as hell chorus, as well as beautiful soaring second half lead work. This track hits in a very emotional way that only a few songs do. It's utterly superb!


'Black Plague Eclipse' is sombre to open, a mood that permeates the track, emphasised in its haunting quieter segments, boasting a powerful drum delivery and sumptuous mid-point lead work.

A steady plodder of a track, 'Shadow Beings', has riffs that ebb and flow in dark waves with some stunning drum patterns also and the lead work which kicks in midway through lifts the track to a new level.

As it opens, final offering 'Hymnens Svarta Toner' rushes up at you but stops just short, effectively taunting you, panning out into a bleak but steady head-nodder of a track. I love the backing vocal and intense riff combination just before midway and this track also probably boasts the best vocals for range of styles, vicious intent and delivery. It's a great way to end the album as it makes you want to listen all over again.

The superbly bleak and eerie cover art, the perfect accompaniment to this album, is by Romanian artist Luciana Nedelea. 'Födelsen' is available from Leviaphonic Records in CD, cassette and digital formats and will be available soon from Growls From The Underground on vinyl.



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