Jools Green
The Abyss
27th August 2019


UK Black Metal outfit Necronautical return with their latest offering and third full-length, 'Apotheosis’, which "details a melancholic journey through an empty and brutal existence, taking inspiration from the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Chuck Palanuik and Neil Gaiman".

Despite originally forming as a recording only project, it's live that I am more familiar with them, crossing paths repeatedly and witnessing some spectacular performances including their live debut opening for Dark Funeral at London's Underworld in 2016, so it’s good to sit down and consider them from a studio perspective.

Their two previous offerings, 2014s 'Black Sea Misanthropy' and 'The Endurance At Night' in 2016, were influential in encouraging me to get to their live shows, and both releases were both very good albums, the latter definitely building on the strengths of the former and 'Apotheosis' continues in that same way; it's a rather excellent album.

The whole release is a very easy listen and you are very quickly drawn into the album. You get the same buzz as you get from their live performance too; it's a rich dense and engulfing sound that is hugely atmospheric, seven chunky tracks that all exceed the six minute mark.

It’s an enjoyable and varied listen end to end however a few tracks did stand out slightly; the opener 'All Is Vanity', a seemingly straightforward Black Metal song with soaring blackened riffing, subtle symphonics whose complexities aren’t immediately apparent with a nice touch of some well placed thrashy squeals.

'Nihil Sub Sole Novum', the official video track of the album, meaning 'nothing new under the sun', and will give the coldest of shivers, powerful, with tortuous acerbic vocals which are set back in the sound, drawing you in to listen and offset by choral backing vocals with suitably aggressive delivery to the riffs and a melody that is haunting and wistful, a track that is as beautiful as it is tortured.

'Lure Of The Abyss' is an addictive track, at times wistfully meandering and at others very driving. It's catchy as hell and really does lure you in while 'Totentanz' is a dark moody, hugely atmospheric, plodder of a track with a touch of the sinister as it progresses, with well created symphonic and choral layering, proving a track doesn't have to be full tilt and up in your face to be powerful.

A stunning listen!

1. All Is Vanity
2. Nihil Sub Sole Novum
3. Lure Of The Abyss
4. Apotheosis
5. Totentanz
6. Here Begins The Fall
7. The Endless Spiral

'Apotheosis' "serves as a sonic epitaph to the human experiences of hope and faith" and is set for release on 30th August through Candlelight Records as a CD or vinyl.



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