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jools green
21st July 2017
Jools Green


The tenth full length from Swedish Death juggernaut Paganizer, 'Land Of Weeping Souls', is not just a superb album but a master class in how Death Metal should be delivered.

To back that comment up are the words of band mastermind, Rogga Johansson, himself:

"The new album is the best Paganizer album. Death fucking Metal the way it is supposed to be done"...

...and he's not the sort of musician that is constantly blowing his own trumpet; he just keeps his head down and creates so if the man who has produced in excess of one hundred releases in a career that has spanned around twenty years feels that way about one of his creations you better believe there is a lot of truth in it.

In fact I'm going to stick my neck out and say it's the best Death Metal album I've heard in a quite a while... if not EVER!!

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Ok so Paganizer are one of my favourite Rogga manifestations but 'Land Of Weeping Souls' stands head and shoulders above the previous Paganizer albums, even 2013s rather superb 'World Lobotomy' which is still ringing in my ears four years since its release.

This latest is end to end, unrelentingly crushing excitement and is an engaging and compelling listen that is breathtakingly addictive.

After 'World Lobotomy' Rogga refreshed the Paganizer line-up and there have been five EPs since, including the excellent 'Cadaver Casket...' and 'On The Outskirts Of Hades', all of which were clearly test runs to perfect this mind blowing album.


Opening on a riff fest and drum battery extravaganza there's no easing in for the unsuspecting listener at all, but as opening track, 'Your Suffering Will Be Legendary', unravels the addictive hooks and enticing melodic sequences begin to emerge from the fierce, tight sound, not to mention the terror instilling, well intonated delivery as Rogga utters the title.

You even get a few thrashy squeals amongst the chugging riffs and drum battery of 'Dehumanized' as well as an excellent chunk of lead work to the close. Occasionally the pace drops, but just enough for you to appreciate how crushing this album is.

'Forlorn Dreams' sees more superb shredding from Kjetil as well as an excellent range of growls and screams from Rogga. 'The Insanity Never Stops' is a full on battery and shred fest with a hugely addictive edge that lives up to its title, as is 'Selfdestructor' and this level of intensity continues to the close of the album.

There are some reflective moments midway through 'Death Addicts Posthumous' and there's a beautiful chunk of emotive lead work before shred-mania returns and the room shakes as Rogga growls the title of 'Soulless Feeding Machine' in a powerfully sinister manner.

Each and every track her brings something exciting to the ear.

Your Suffering Will Be Legendary
Forlorn Dreams
Land Of Weeping Souls
The Insanity Never Stops
Death Addicts Posthumous
The Buried Undead
Soulless Feeding Machine
Prey To Death

'Land Of Weeping Souls' is a crushing release that I can't recommend highly enough. Buy it or your suffering will be legendary when you realise what you've missed and can't get hold of a copy.




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