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jools green
7th December 2017
Jools Green

perdition winds

Finnish Black Metallers Perdition Winds, whose line-up features members of Desolate Shrine, Sargeist, Corpsessed and Lie in Ruins return with a new album, 'Transcendent Emptiness'.

It's the follow up to 2014's 'Aura of Suffering', cited as a “journey through the darkest paths one takes, leading to a triumphant resurrection in the abyss.”

Perdition Winds have not only come a long way since 'Aura...', they have absolutely nailed it with this release, eight tracks and fifty minutes of well-crafted Black Metal.

The piece conjures an unnerving atmosphere that continues in some ways where 'Aura...' left off but this is most definitely a new chapter. The tracks are shorter and denser in their content, where the predecessor was a little protracted in places.

Although there is less of a rawness, 'Transcendent Emptiness' is just as sinister if not more so, has much more of a sophisticated feel to the sound, and the composition and delivery surpasses 'Aura'.

'Of Smoke And Mirrors' is ominous, moody atmospheric and that's just the initial opener to the track, which gets even better when the vitriolic vocals kick in and the intensity of the blackened riffing builds to a ferocious pace.

There's a midpoint reflective drop away, after which the build up is unusual and interestingly chunky and staggered before resuming it previous ferocious glory, densely garnished with rasping screams; an excellent opening track.

The ominous mood continues with 'Malicious Seed ', which has a dirtier edge to the melody and lead work, which is rather good, sitting alongside pummelling rhythms and there's a deeper aspect to much of the vocal delivery too. When the pace slows towards the close there's no loss of intensity of sound, a fascinating piece.

'Saints Of The Deathfields' seems to pick up rhythmically where 'Malicious Seed' left off but veers off on its own personal tangent further in, developing a haunting melodic repeat and excellent lead work .

Understated and powerful, 'Saturnial Void' is clean and reflective in its content with drum and guitar work that rises and falls in huge waves. It's almost an instrumental with just a small amount of spoken lyrics in the second half; a beautiful piece of music.

'Venus Rising' opens in complete contrast, intense and up in your face, vitriolic and crushing, levelling out to an up-tempo blackened gallop but as the longest track of the release, at eight minutes, has a few interesting tempo and direction switches up its proverbial sleeve and although a bit of a monster, duration wise, actually doesn't feel too long.

'Asphyxiation' is dark, sinister and slow with heavy and oppressive pounding drum beats, not unlike the pulse of blood struggling to course through veins, an intense crescendo of drum work heralds a frantic wave of intense riffing.

There is something quite desperate and overwhelming in this powerful instrumental track where the vocalisations are the sound of someone choking and losing their battle to breathe. Black Metal doesn't get much more unnerving than this.

'Impious Frontier' is a bold, grandiose track with an intense delivery, contrasting well against its predecessor and finally 'Outro', a clean and reflective instrumental with a slight Latin influence winding the album up neatly.

One more thing that also struck me very positively was the high degree of clarity in the lyrical content, particularly on the deeper vocal delivery, overall an excellent, fully engaging, thought provoking and well varied listen.

All music, lyrics and art are by Perdition Winds. 'Transcendent Emptiness' was mixed and mastered by Henri Sorvali (Moonsorrow) at Trollhouse Audio and is released on December 8th (CD/digital) and January 2018 (vinyl) through Hellthrasher Productions.




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