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5th March 2017

jools green
Jools Green


The debut EP, 'Summon Horrendous Destruction', from Portland, Oregon's Death Metal brutes Petrification is an undeniably crushing slab of old school Death Metal.

The band was formed in 2014 by Tom Roberts after he parted company with War Master and relocated to Portland, with the intention to create Death Metal more evil and heavy than anything he had done before.

War Master's 2011 offering, 'Pyramid Of The Necropolis', which had a bit of a Bolt Thrower leaning, was a pretty brutal affair, much of which came from Tom's deep harsh vocal delivery, so on that basis alone he's at least matched the brutality.

Further intention for this band was to build a sound around their love of Old School Swedish (I did notice a hint of Rogga Johansson lurking in there, the first thing to grab my interest on listening), British and particularly Finnish Death Metal, to create music that paid homage to those roots, from the evil and doom-laden soundscapes of the Finnish masters such as Funebre, Abohorrence and Convulse.

The resulting sound is much more direct and straightforward than his previous band and this concentration of style does add more brutality to the music.

It's a four-track EP, opening on 'Summon Horrendous Destruction' with a sinister haunting melody over the chugging repeat riff and across all tracks there's a moody distant edge to the vocals adding to the atmosphere. They are not overly defined but atmospheric as hell with and good extended intonation, particularly on the final track.

Second track, 'Stagnation Of Transmigration', is a little more up-tempo and its successor, 'The Headless One', has a funereal quality to open that's succeeded by waves of intense riffing.

All the compositions are straight forward and uncomplicated but they keep it varied to the end with effective tempo and direction switching on the final track, 'Desecrators Of Conscious Entropy'.

The 'Summon Horrendous Destruction' EP certainly meets the intended criteria and is available as a limited run of pro-dubbed cassettes and as a digital product from indie label Sentient Ruin Laboratories store and Bandcamp and is an old school slab of Death Metal that should be of particular interest to fans of Autopsy, Nihilist, Grave, Cruciamentum or Disma as well as the previously mentioned bands.




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