Plague Throat Release Their Crushing Debut, 'The Human Paradox'
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jools green
Jools Green
27th April 2017

plague throat

'The Human Paradox', the debut full length from Indian Death Metal trio Plague Throat, is one of the most devastatingly crushing offerings I've heard emanating from the Asian underground scene.

If you caught any of their 2013 debut EP, 'An Exordium To Contagion', the first thing you'll notice is the extra dimension to the sound. 'An Exordium....' was crushing and brutal but it didn't have the level of finesse or variance they have achieved on this full length.

'The Human Paradox' is a stunning mix of brutal and technical Metal that is grounded classic Death Metal. It manages to be crushing without being overpowering, heavy yet catchy; a well balanced and accessible listen.

It is also an unrelenting assault on your senses; there's no let up across the ten tracks which span a reasonably compact thirty-eight minutes, and at this level of intensity you wouldn't want it any longer.

The musicianship, in particular the drum work, is excellent, precise and powerfully delivered. The riffing switches direction in a heartbeat and is delivered with unrelenting ferocity and on 'Conception Subjection' there is even a surprisingly unexpected chunk of soaring, slightly 'widdly' lead work. The vocal growls are decent and do the needed job and the release is on the whole well produced, although maybe a touch more bass emphasis might be in order.

Inherited Failure
Dominion Breach
Fallible Transgression
The Human Paradox
Hour Of Darkness
Truth In Silence
Conception Subjection
Conflict Resolution
Ma Nga

Fans of bands such as Origin, Suffocation, Hour Of Penance should find 'The Human Paradox' of particular interest. Available now from Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label).




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