Jools Green
The Abyss
31st October 2019

qayin regis

It's a rare thing for a band to capture my attention and imagination in quite the way Spanish Black Metal entity Qayin Regis have, the trio's identities and everything related to them, is shrouded in mystery, aside from their music which is a raw orthodox Black Metal that is "consciously based in the spiritual Gnostic syncretisation combining of Spanish black magic, the cult of death and the left hand path."

Their blistering eighteen minute, three track "opera prima", 2017s EP 'Blackthorn' took the Black Metal underground by storm, the limited edition cassette selling out in twenty-four hours, and now they return with their greatly anticipated debut full-length, 'Doctrine', which is just four tracks but clocks up a hefty forty-two minutes that is so intensely dark and exciting you really couldn't process much more in one go. It's an utter beast of an album.

qayin regis

With all tracks being between eight and twelve minutes duration it allows for them to be more varied in pace and content and to be ambitious, atmospheric builders, well filled with tempo and direction switches making an engaging dramatic listen from the opener 'Via Sincretica Obscura' which begins with a sinister industrialised soundscape which morphs into the equally sinister opening riffs, 'Yee Naaldlooshii' which revisits that industrialised soundscape midway through, 'Neenia Ataecina' with its long slow haunting build which when it does open out, does so with a brutal intensity, ebbing back occasionally and boasting impressive lead work in the second half, all the way to the closer 'Deo Aironis' with its punchy, sinister and intense build and sinister repeat riff which dominates, forming a strong core as well as adding atmosphere and congruity.

Throughout the release the vocals build on that already rich atmosphere; a heady mix of rasping vitriolic growls, superb protracted sinister screams set back in the sound to give an eerie atmosphere and sinister spoken elements building on that occult aspect, completed with the occasional use of keyboards for added occult atmosphere.

For fans of Mayhem, Cult Of Fire, Mgla, Balmog or Cultes Des Ghoules, 'Doctrine' is released in LP and CD formats FROM BlackSeed Productions, very appropriately today, 31st October. It's available from Bandcamp here:


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