Rudra Battle The 'Enemy Of Duality' With Their Crushing New Release
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5th March 2017

jools green
Jools Green


Vedic Metal pioneers since the early 90s, Singapore's Rudra return with full length number eight, 'Enemy Of Duality', and if you are not familiar with their unique and exotic sounding brand of crushing Extreme Metal then now would be an ideal time to acquaint yourself.

Named after Rudra, "a God of storm and diseases, and a form of the god Shiva (Shankar) but more destructive than Shankar himself", gives you an idea of what's in store sound-wise and referring to their music as Vedic Metal, as like their past releases, their music again founded on the principles of Vedic spirituality and is their way of paying tribute to the culture and religion of their ancestors.

The resulting sound is one that is a sublime blend of Indian classical music rooted in ancient spirituality and Extreme Metal; encompassing Death, Black and Thrash Metal, along with Indian classical instruments such as sitar, flute, tablas (Indian percussion) and even a didgeridoo, along with female vocals and ritualistic chanting to emanate a genuine, spiritual expression.

Even if the philosophical side of the material is not your thing, musically the whole concept and sound; a heady mix of hypnotic grooves mixed with soaring exotic leads, thrashy shreds, Death Metal riffing with a blackened undertone, topped with a hard edged vitriolic vocal delivery that is both scathing yet crystal clear in its lyrical content and all this linked by classic Indian interludes and influences that manifest as a subtle undercurrent beneath the tracks, is both a fascinating and refreshing listen and stands out from the often all to similar material repeatedly released by some western Metal bands.

Abating The Firebrand
Slay The Demons Of Duality
Perception Apparent
Acosmic Self
Root Of Misapprehension
Seer Of All
Hermit In Nididhyasana
Ancient Fourth

'Enemy of Duality' is a well made, well delivered chunk of music by seasoned musicians who know their craft and is well worth your time and effort to give it a listen. The album is currently available as a Transcending Obscurity Asia Release.




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