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jools green
5th June 2017
Jools Green


Atmospheric/symphonic Death Metal quartet Septicflesh are one of the most underrated bands to come out of Greece and over the last twenty-six years have produced nine full lengths that have consistently and crushingly delivered, each building where its predecessor left off and full length number ten, 'Codex Omega' is set to follow the same path.

Continuing also with the usual influences of fantasy, mythology, occultism and HP Lovecraft for their lyrical inspiration to add to that winning blend of crushing death riffs and soaring symphonics alongside brutal growls which never cease to amaze for their ground shaking deep but crystal clear delivery set alongside occasional but rather good, hauntingly, disturbing cleans, the overall result is beautifully balanced.

It makes for a powerful listen and for the symphonics element Septicflesh have once again collaborated with the FILMharmonic Orchestra of Prague, who are understandably, when you hear their material, one of the most sought after recording orchestras in Europe, guaranteeing a superb and powerful symphonic aspect to the release.

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There really are no weak or bad tracks here. It's a superb listen end to end, on the whole heavily symphonic throughout, adding rich layer upon layer to the sound, weaving amongst the riffing and pummelling drum work, particularly powerfully delivered on 'Faceless Queen' and 'The Gospels Of Fear' although they certainly don't skimp on the other tracks.

Choosing favourites is also an impossible task too as each has its own merits, all different yet linked with a commonality to the sound that is distinctively Septicflesh but worth an additional mention is 'Portrait Of A Headless Man' where the cleans have mirrored the harsh delivery and I do love the overall 'groove' to this track which is so addictive.

'Portrait Of A Headless Man' has an ominous opening with a layering of symphonics through well phrased, chugging riffs and 'Martyr', with it's reflective acoustic opener has a notable exotic middle eastern mood throughout which turns crushing with punchy tight riffing and a fabulous bounce to the bass lines that sits well with symphonics.

Although '3rd Testament (Codex Omega)' is less symphonic than most of the other tracks it is awash with riffs that machine gun their way through and offer breathtakingly slick direction switching.

Final piece, 'Trinity', is the most reflective track, at times almost mellow but still punctuated with punchy riffs and clean guitars initially, rather than symphonics which don't come in until the latter part of the track; a great album ender.

Disc 1:
Dante's Inferno
3rd Testament (Codex Omega)
Portrait Of A Headless Man
Enemy Of Truth
Dark Art
Our Church, Below The Sea
Faceless Queen
The Gospels Of Fear

'Codex Omega' is available as a Digipak CD or cassette, or if you want the bonus material below it's also available as 2 x 12" vinyl or limited edition 2 x CD Digipak.

Disc 2:
Martyr Of Truth
Dark Testament
Portrait Of A Headless Man (Orchestral Version)

'Codex Omega' is available from Season of Mist/Prosthetic Records and is a highly recommended listen.




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