Sigil Beckon You To The 'Kingdom Of The Grave', Their Crushing Debut Release
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jools green
Jools Green
27th April 2017


There's a huge amount to like about the debut full length, 'Kingdom Of The Grave', from Texan Death Metal outfit Sigil. It's got a raw gritty edge to the overall sound but with a very subtle groove to its de-tuned riffs.

It nods at old school but has a fresh, up to date relevance and the growling, rasping vocals have good definition, punctuation and intonation too, particularly on 'Death Unreal' and 'Lick The Blade'. The mid-tempo pace gallops along nicely and the drum work pounds along unrelentingly.

The eight track, thirty-three minute duration means it's a compact offering that doesn't overstay its welcome and actually makes you want to give it a second spin and it's not over produced either so it still has a rugged edge.


There are all sorts of interesting quirky anomalies that, if you dare to let your mind drift away, pull you back again and make you do a double take over just what's going on; like the chugging tempo switch in second half 'Summoning Hate' followed by an insane off kilter chunk of lead work, the violin opener on 'Kingdom Of The Grave' adding a very dark edge followed by sinister dark riffing then a sudden switch to pounding riffs and militaristic drum work or the D-beats and a bluesy groove closing on some more of the rare but welcome lead work on 'Strange Aeons'.

You get a little more lead work on 'Bloodvisions' but it's sparingly placed, not that you need too much of it as there are an abundance of fabulous riffs happening across the release, particularly on the addictive final track 'Death Won't Kill Me' which also has one final old school solo.

Death Unreal
Even The Gods Will Burn
Lick The Blade
Kingdom Of The Grave
Summoning Hate
Strange Aeons
Death Won't Kill Me

Overall 'Kingdom Of The Grave' is a pretty tidy debut offering; you could do a lot worse than give it a spin as it rapidly becomes an addictive listen and it's out now on Horror Pain Gore Productions.




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