A Crushing Sophomore Release From Soothsayer
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jools green
Jools Green


Atmospheric Doom/Sludge five piece Soothsayer, from Ireland, return just twelve months after their debut release, 'The Soothsayer', with a follow-up album, 'At This Great Depth'. It's around twelve minutes and one track shorter than its predecessor but what it lacks in duration, it makes up in intensity. Less is definitely more here.

The two tracks, 'Umpire', the longer at a mighty sixteen minutes and 'Of Locusts And Moths', a mere eight, are emotive and unconventional but ebb and flow well in stifling emotive waves that leave you quite breathless at times to the point where you can't help but feel all concerned had pour every last drop of energy and emotion into this powerfully delivered, dark and mournful offering.

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Much of this emotion stems from the vocals which although not having much by way of clarity to their lyrical delivery, offer a huge outpouring of emotional atmosphere in the form of a myriad of scream screeches and growls.

Add to that a somewhat avant-garde and a rather unique approach to composition and a discordant and unorthodox experimental quality to the instrumentation and the result is one that is uniquely powerful, dense and darkly emotive and even unnerving, almost terrifying at times.


Out now on Transcending Obscurity, 'At This Great Depth' is best listened to in a darkened room from a comfy armchair. It’s certainly an album for the avant-garde Doom aficionado.

Not everyone will get it. I’m not totally sure I do, but none the less I do like it.





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