The Furor Unleash Blistering 'Cavalries Of The Occult'
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5th April 2017

jools green
Jools Green

the furor

Whenever I think of Aussie Metal my first thought is always "face ripping lunacy" and my expectations are met fully with 'Cavalries Of The Occult', the fifth studio full length from Australia's Black/Death maniacs The Furor.

I was blown away, quite literally, by their previous release, 2014s independently released 'Impending Revelation' and I'm delighted to say, regarding this latest offering that... YES!!! It's another face-ripper!!

Not that this should be a surprise to anyone who has heard any of the previous releases or heard anything by The Furor mastermind, Dizazter's (Louis Rando) other bands Bloodlust, Impiety and Mhorgl, as you'll already know the tracks always revolve around his manically explosive paced drumming.

the furor

Although he's very much at the helm as always with this release, performing drums and vocals as well as writing all the material and laying down the initial guitar work, he's assisted this time around by Hellhound on guitars and The Grand Impaler on bass.

It's a nine track, fifty-four minute aural onslaught that is pretty much unrelenting from start to finish, aside from a few atmospheric openers on the first and last tracks, a sea of blistering drum work, high speed riffing, blistering chunks of lead work, ear splitting squealing shreds, direction switching that is deft and dynamic, quite an achievement at this manic pace, completed with a vitriolic vocal delivery that is broad ranging and well intonated; altogether an intense but impressive listen.

Death Manifest
Cavalries Of The Occult
Second Coming Slaughtered
The Flames of Fate
Storm of Swords
30 Year War
Rampage upon The Rational
Fomes Peccati

'Cavalries Of The Occult' was produced by Nizam Aziz of Impiety at Studio 47, Singapore and should be of interest to fans of Belphegor, Impaled Nazarene. Destroyer 666, Angelcorpse, Krisiun, Hate Eternal or Impiety, so anyone looking for an exciting paced chunk of Blackened Death Metal, look no further than this release.




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