The Noctambulant Unleash A Crushing Debut Full Length, 'Advocatus Diaboli'
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jools green
5th July 2017
Jools Green

the noctambulant

Floridian melodic Black Metallers The Noctambulant have been steadily building up to the release of 'Advocatus Diaboli', their debut full length with three EPs; 2013s 'Dreams Of Rotting Silence', 2014s 'The Fear Leader' and 2015s 'Hubris/Nemesis', and although originally released in August of 2016, 'Advocatus Diaboli' is now aiming for a more global assault as the album gained a lot of underground interest in the US without any proper PR activities when first released and on first listen it is clear why. It's a powerful album.

The Noctambulant, veterans of the Florida music scene are E Helvete covering vocals/guitar and D Franseth on drums with Lars Goerschafft on bass duties along with second guitarist, John Hoarfrost, recently returning to the line-up but not involved in the studio work of this release but who was involved with their first two EP's, adding guts to their live shows. C Berlinghoff covered additional guitars for this release.

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Soundwise it's an intense and engaging blend of melody with hard riffs, a mix of US and Swedish styles. Think 90s Dark Funeral and Dissection, delivered as fast, melodic Black Metal with non-standard Black Metal instrumentation that is technically rather impressive with additional elements of traditional Heavy Metal and hints of Death Metal subtly included, with some sumptuous swathes of lead work for good measure.

The vocals take it a step further with an acidic snarling rasp which delivers with clarity the occult and death themed sinister lyrics, adding an even more unnervingly quality. The intonation is also very good too and as a result the overall sound goes way beyond an American/Swedish fusion.

the noctambulant

Choosing favourite tracks is not something I relish doing as they are all great for the same reasons - the dynamics of their content - but 'Take What I Want' and 'Creeping Dead' are extra unnerving from a lyrical perspective and I love the rather unique prelude to the black as hell 'Evil Calling' and the the metallic tinged strings that open @Goddess'. Both kept me guessing on my first listen as to just where those tracks were going.

Interesting and unique openers is something The Noctambulant have a flair for, on top of their other qualities.

the noctambulant

1. Legion
2. Dreams Of Rotten Silence
3. Take What I Want
4. Creeping Dead
5. Death's Lullaby
6. Evil Calling (With Prelude)
7. Goddess
8. Blood For Life
9. Accept Or Burn
10. Winter's Hell Dominion

Out now on Domestic Genocide Records and available to buy at in CD or digital format and I strongly recommend it and if you enjoy this the even better news on the horizon is that the band's second album is also in the making, tentative release being somewhere in 2018.




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