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jools green
Jools Green
20th April 2017

the projectionist

US/Canadian Black Metal outfit The Projectionist, formed by frontman Lord Matzigkeitus (ex-Idolatry) "To create music centred on themes of hatred and isolation and to evoke new unexplored domains of intellectual fury and bleakness in Black Metal" are set to release their second full length ’Exalted Solitude’ and are previewing track 8: 'Zarathustra Within', here on MetalTalk.

In 2016 The Projectionist released a full length, 'Poisonous Disengagement', and an EP, 'The GallowForest Eulogy', respectively, which "attacked listeners with ghoulish screams and mournful yet violent guitar work".

'Exalted Solitude', with a line-up consisting of Lord Matzigkeitus, Parageist and new drummer Malphas, is the next phase in their evolution, refined and despotically black.

Concerning 'Zarathustra Within', the band stated:

"This track is indicative of the Might of Nietzschean inner strength... that in true misanthropic solitude, one can come to the ultimate wisdom... there is no God, only the Overman within."


1 Eleven Strikes To Incite Incurable Silences
2 Suckling A Most Hateful Claustrum
3 Ineffable Inner Void
4 Oubliette Threnodies
5 If Erased, So Fertile Ought
6 Draw Away
7 Chapel Of Astaroth
8 Zarathustra Within
9 Sleepless Witching Curse
10 Harpy Whispers Malice (The Regent's Downfall)

With artwork by Sang Ho Moon and Jan Pysander Whitney, the album features a guest guitar track by Christopher Hernandez of Xasthur and is released today, 20th April, and available from Appalachian Noise Records and The True Plague Records in CD and digital format.

Check out the full album review right here.



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