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jools green
8th February 2018
Jools Green

the ugly

Swedish Black Metal five-piece The Ugly are back with their third full length, 'Thanatology', the much anticipated sequel to 2015's 'Decreation'.

Consisting of ten tracks of raw edged Stockholm style Black Metal with a melodic underlying edge, it's reflective of the Swedish mid 90s Black Metal-sound but still managing to be both current and addictively crushing.

'Thanatology' continues where 'Decreation' left off, unmistakably out of the same stable, so to speak, with a decidedly Marduk and for me, even more so, a Necrophobic influence.

Interestingly the man behind the drum kit is once again Fredrik Widigs, also responsible for drums on Marduk 's 'Frontschwein' as well as the previous The Ugly release.

'Thanatology' consists of ten razor sharp tracks that deliver a vicious, vitriolic wall of riffs, made all the more engaging by some searing melodies.

The blasphemous lyrics are delivered with harsh clarity via Ingemar Gustafsson's seething vitriolic vocal delivery, overall it's a pretty much relentless but dropping back strategically where needed to a very militaristic pace so as not to be a mind numbingly all out assault.

the ugly

The Ugly have upped their game further since 'Decreation', sharpening the overall focus of the album, not that there was anything wrong with 'Decreation', but it's always good to see a band continuing to ambitiously forge forward.

Favourite tracks, a difficult choice as this seems to me to be an album that generally gets better the further in you get, I thought it was just me getting into it more as it progressed but after four or five listens I was of the same conclusion.

In its entirety it's a good listen but becomes an excellent face ripper of a listen from 'Necro Worship' onwards. At this point it develops an engaging and addictive quality that for me comes in at a whole new level.

The riffs, the delivery , the construction... even the slower paced but brutally dark and sinister 'Begravningshymn' with its Swedish lyrics maintains that quality so it's not a pace factor, the whole album just shifts up a gear in every way at that point.

Track listing:
The Stages of Demise
Usurpator Vitae
King of Death
Necro Worship
Sons of Stench
Temple of the Reaper
Pallor Mortis
Dressed in Death pt. II
Necromancer (Bonus track)

'Thanatology' will appeal to fans of the likes of Dissection, Watain, Marduk and Necrophobic and if you enjoyed 2015's 'Decreation' you won't be disappointed either.

'Thanatology' will be released by ViciSolum Productions as either digital format or CD on the 9th of February and is available for pre-order now.




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