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jools green
18th February 2018
Jools Green


In the three years since their inception Bournemouth's Sludge/Groove Metal bruisers Thuum have been making a big impact on the South West music scene.

The band wowed the crowds at Bloodstock and Mammothfest last year and are all set to do the same with this debut EP 'Through Smoke, Comes Fire'.

It's a four track twenty-four minute offering, and while the sludge and grove element is there, it's controlled and it's also so much more than just that.

The piece is more up tempo than you would initially expect, with a strong Death groove, hugely atmospheric with catchy melodic elements.

Opening on the understated 'Intro' (instrumental) a moody, slow builder, which although called Intro goes beyond that because at almost six minutes long is a standalone track in its own right as a scene and mood setter.

The haunting and moody track becomes heavier and groovier as it progresses, flowing superbly into the punchy, groovy 'Worthless' and has the first taste of vocalist/guitarist Bear's vocal delivery roaring out at you.

'Hafgufa' develops into an up tempo groovy number with thrashy midpoint lead work that lifts it up to another level. Raw cleans add an extra dimension and even more variety to an already well-varied EP.

Finally 'Through Smoke Comes Fire'. I love the repeat riff that dominates the first half, beautifully haunting, following the dirty edged opening guitars and the growls accompanied by torturous cleans switching to a dirty chugging Death groove in second half.

You also get another burst of thrashy lead work, but what I like about this track the most is the twist and turns in tempo and direction - there is so much going on it's only late into the track you realise how good the drum work is.


Track listing:
Intro (instrumental)
Through Smoke Comes Fire

'Through Smoke, Comes Fire' is a well-travelled product, produced by local engineer Jack Irving at Echo Rooms Studios in Bournemouth and then mastered by Brad Boatright (famed for his work with, Iron Monkey, Ohhms, Pentagram) at AudioSeige in Portland, Oregon.

If you are not yet familiar with their work but enjoy the work of Mastodon, Down, or Corrosion Of Conformity this should be of interest to you.




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