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jools green
Jools Green
26th April 2017


The Hungarian Black Metal trio Tymah, whose name means Fog in Russian, tantalized us with a track for their fourth studio album, 'Zuhanás', back in March 2016, in the form of the title track/single but it's taken a further year for them to complete and perfect this latest offering and bring it to fruition.

But time has never been a concern for them, only releasing when the material is ready and they are happy with the result. There was a seven year gap between 2007s 'Loquitur Cum Alqo Sathanas' and its follow-up in 2014 'The Past Is Alive', where they took a sharper and more atmospheric approach to their sound.

Now that is finally here what can you expect from 'Zuhanás'? Soundwise it's less harsh, raw and abrasive than their debut release, 'Transylvanian Dreams', but it also doesn't have the polished finish of 'The Past Is Alive', sitting somewhere between.

The guitar work is predominantly an unrelenting wave of blackened riffing, intense and unwavering, aside from the dark haunting and atmospheric 'Prologue' and 'Epilogue' and the drums forge relentlessly through in the midst of this, bolstering the raw intensity, but the element that stands out is the vocal delivery which has developed subtly with every subsequent album. It completes the sound, harsh and rasping, with what I can only describe as epitomising the sound of evil personified, very raw, unnerving and otherworldly.

The overall result is a grim and bleak offering that, when you delve into its midst and really immerse yourself in, transports your mind into a desolate and uncomfortably isolating darkened realm.

Picking a favourite track is difficult but it's probably the title track, 'Zuhanás', most likely as it's more familiar to me as I've listened to it more times than the rest of the album but if you like one track you'll like them all as it's a consistent album.

Érzéslenyomatok I/Feelingprints I
Érzéslenyomatok II/Feelingprints II
A mindenség pulzálása/The Pulsation Of Everything
Egy állomás a végtelen közepén/A Station In The Middle Of Infinity

An entrancing chunk of raw Black Metal, 'Zuhanás' is available from The Sinister Flame label.




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