The Mysterious Uprising Release Self-Titled Debut
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jools green
Jools Green
13th January 2017


Shrouded in mystery, the self-titled debut offering from German Black Metal entity Uprising, is causing more than a murmur in the Black Metal community, partly because of a non disclosure of their member(s) but mostly, thankfully because the music speaks for itself, however a bit of intrigue is always a good thing in this genre.

Masterminded by 'W', the seven track, forty minute offering was originally released by Wolfsgrimm Records last March and is now on licence from them and re-released as a cassette from Tridroid Records, so if you missed it first time around you have a second chance to grab a copy. It's a dark nihilistic album with a strong Left Hand Path leaning, raw and dirty yet subtly melodic, giving an, albeit uncomfortable (well it's Black Metal so it should be) but engaging listenability in a very forward thinking manner that lyrically speaks volumes.

Here is an excerpt from the darkly atmospheric and at times melancholic 'Ravens In The Dark Skies', which opens to the sound of raven calls:

"Burn down their strongholds
Let them suffer for what they have done
For keeping your dreams in chains
For stealing your life, it is time to up rise and let the ravens sing"

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There is a huge amount to like about this album right from the opening 'Introduction' where echoing drum beats, a wave of blackened riffing and spoken word sets the dark mood across the release.

The (nearly) title track, 'Uprise', is up-tempo yet dark and hypnotic and is where you get the first glimpse of the rasping torturous vocals, well varied in their depth and delivery. There's a reasonable degree of clarity to the delivery also.

It's not an album where you have favourite tracks; the more you listen the more you hear and like about the whole offering. 'Thrones To Overthrow' is superbly extreme in its makeup, either crushingly fast or plunging to doomy depths enhanced by some superbly haunting mournful lead work midway and towards the close.

'Gather The Dark Spirits' opens with evil intent and delivers in abundance along with a punchy repeat then flows into the previously mentioned 'Ravens In Dark Skies'.

On 'Nihilistic Chants' an opening haunting wave of chanting is overtaken by blackened riffing and a wonderfully deranged intonation to the vocal delivery ensues and the final track, 'Behold The Eternity Of Stars', after a spoken intro becomes up-tempo, powerfully soaring and darkly atmospheric.

Available as a cassette from Tridroid Records or to listen/buy in digital format here, 'Uprising' is a must for the Black Metal aficionado.




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