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jools green
29th December 2017
Jools Green


It was slightly less than a year ago that I made one of my most exciting discoveries of the year, namely the debut EP 'Hail Death', from Polish Black/Heavy Metal outfit UR.

They blew me away with the crushing iciness of their sound, the year not even over and "the beast" that is UR return with a full length follow up 'Black Vortex' and it absolutely KILLS!! I LOVE IT!!

For this release UR have stripped down to a duo of Gregor covering guitars, bass and vocals with the hard-hitting Kroll on drums, both, as a matter of trivia, are from Polish Death/Hardcore outfit Bloodstained.

However, there is no comparison to their sound at all, this is truly an individual and unique beast they have created.

Band mastermind, Gregor, comments "I treat both releases 'Hail Death' and 'Black Vortex' as one whole, musically and lyrically. Some of the tracks are philosophical in nature. They are filled with sadness and pity over human existence.

"Other tracks, however, are aggressive, primitive anthems of hatred about human greed, materialism and stupidity."

It is an organic evolution from where 'Hail Death' left off, everything about 'Black Vortex' continues to be powerful, and heavy as hell, crushing very blackened Heavy Metal riffing with Thrash elements thrown in for good measure and even a bit of Doom too.

It's the chunky, heavy punch to the stomach kind, you get sumptuous chunks of heavy thrashy lead work.

Gregor delivers the vocal to match; insanely powerful, strongly emotive, gothic tinged cleans that turn acerbic, rasping and raw in a heartbeat, still maintaining the powerful delivery throughout.

The ability to maintain a gargling roar is quite something too, at the same time there is a crystal-clear delivery to all the vocals irrespective of whether they are cleans or growls.

Kroll drops in some great drum work, powerful rhythmic patterns that bolster the whole sound even further.

The overall combination makes it feel like it's ripping your heart from your chest as you listen, but most importantly it's addictively engaging and exciting.

1. Black Vortex
2. Black Spark
3. We Are Mortal
4. Shed My Skin
5. The Beckoning Silence
6. The Last Feast
7. Cleansing by Fire
8. The Goddess of the World
9. Oblivion

The cover artwork was done once again by Krzysztof Sikorski. Black Vortex is out now on Arachnophobia Records and well worth the full attention of your ears!!




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