UK Blackened Deathsters Vacivus Arm Themselves For 'Nuclear Chaos' With Their Latest EP
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5th March 2017

jools green
Jools Green


Following 2015s cassette EP, 'Rite Of Ascension', on Goatprayer Records, UK Blackened Death Metal five piece Vacivus return with a second EP, 'Nuclear Chaos'.

The release is a two ritual offering; Ritual I: 'Unchaining The Winds Of Uncreation', Ritual II: 'Blind Idiot God' and for this release the band "delve further to the epicentre of the void".

Since 'Rite Of Ascension', which in its own right was a great release, Vacivus have sharpened their focus. This hasn't affected their trademark sound; the deep distorted growl of the vocal delivery, still set slightly to the back of the sound and therefore drawing you in, is still there and the dark dirty edge to the riffs is still abundant also but overall it feels tighter, more focussed and brutal.


The blindingly good shredding found on 'Rite Of Ascension' also is still part of the make-up but there's a greater ratio of shred per track/minute here I think and given how good it was on the preceding EP that has to be a good thing, right?

'Nuclear Chaos' will be available as a limited 7" black vinyl which includes a digital download and is available once again from Goatprayer Records. The mastering was done by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studio and the very visually descriptive sleeve artwork is by Brooke Johnson.

'Nuclear Chaos' will be of interest to fans of bands such as Cruciamentum, Blood Incantation and Grave Miasma and if you like this and the previous EP there is even better news on the horizon as a currently untitled debut full length album will also be released in 2017 containing all new unreleased tracks on Canadian label Profound Lore.

But for now, lose yourself in the void that is 'Nuclear Chaos'. It's an immersive and intense listen, easily as good as its predecessor and possibly a little better so it all bodes well for the upcoming album.




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