Venom Inc. Trample Over Their Competitiors With 'Avé'
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jools green
9th August 2017
Jools Green

venom inc

I've been excitedly anticipating the release of the debut offering, 'Avé', from blackened speedsters Venom Inc since catching the trio live last year.

I was never much of a fan of the 'original' Venom as I always felt something was missing, however a few tracks from 1989s 'Prime Evil', 'Temple Of Ice' in 1991 and 92s 'The Waste Lands' did garner some interest, which is ironic as those releases featured the members of this line-up. Demolition Man, Abbadon and Mantas are a whole different beast entirely and this album runs rings around those three releases.

Live there is an electricity and unnerving edge to a Venom Inc performance. They are decidedly larger than life and my greatest concern was how that element could be contained and delivered within a studio recording, but it just does, perfectly.

The chill that ran down my spine every time Demolition Man unleashed his vitriolic vocals live happens here in abundance and Abbadon and Mantas on drums and guitars respectively give equally stunning performances.

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'Avé' is an eleven track, sixty-one minute chunk of well composed and well delivered excitement, crushing without being overbearing and with enough of a groove to make it an addictive listen with a vocal delivery that is powerful, raw yet clear and superbly intonated in a very precise and sinister manner, particularly on the slower tracks like the sleazy 'Dein Fleisch' and the groovy 'Preacher Man'.

The tracks are packed with punchy addictive riffs and fabulous swathes of lead work, especially the powerful 'I Kneel To No God' and closer 'Black N Roll' which gives a nod to the old school greats in its lyrical content; a 'homage montage' of a closer.

On 'Metal We Bleed' where the pace is very up-tempo it drops for some sinister closing lead work and at times is even a little thrashy, particularly on 'Evil Dead' and 'Forged in Hell.

venom inc

Regarding the pace, it's well varied across the album so it's not a full on assault and ranges from the more up-tempo numbers, like the addictive 'Black N Roll' to the slower ones like the powerfully sinister 'Ave Satanas' or the dark observation 'Blood Stained'.

Lyrically it's an addictive singalong album too, very anthemic with lyrics you remember by the third or fourth listen and all tracks can stand alone on their own merits.

Another great thing is 'Venom Inc' don't take themselves too seriously with 'Avé'. There are a few cheesy aspects and even a bit of hidden humour too. It has old school elements without being dated and it's very powerful and uplifting as well as being a damn good listen that you won't tire of! It's superb!

1. Ave Satanas
2. Forged In Hell
3. Metal We Bleed
4. Dein Fleisch
5. Blood Stained
6. Time To Die
7. The Evil Dead
8. Preacher Man
9. War
10. I Kneel To No God
11. Black N Roll




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