Jools Green
The Abyss
3rd June 2019


Some albums you need to give several listens to get the feel for and others impact on you from the first play and 'De Val', the debut full length from one man Dutch Black Metal band Verwoed is one such album. It immediately immersed me in its complex and convoluted yet engaging folds of sound.

Masterminded by Eric B, this isn't his first offering, having released an EP and single as Woudloper before the name change to Verwoed and a subsequent EP, 'Bodemloos', with a subtle shift in the sound also, losing a little of the raw harshness and building on the atmospheric side of the Black Metal sound, making it broader and deeper.

'De Val' is just five tracks but they encompass a sprawling thirty two minutes and it's a tightly packed time span, layer upon layer of dense yet atmospheric Black Metal with an almost psychedelic feel at times, switching seamlessly within the tracks between swathes of raw aggressiveness and very cosmic passages, meandering in an abstract, bleak and dark manner, melded together by a rasping blackened vocal delivery that chills your very soul. It's a powerful and inspiring listen.

The album is consistent end to end and I'd not have a favourite track if it wasn't for the guest appearance on the final offering, 'Verder Van Het Licht', of hugely talented vocalist Ryanne van Dorst of the notorious Dutch dark rock outfit Dool, who after her guest appearance on Dutch Death Metallers Antropomorphia's 2017 album , 'Sermon Of Wrath', on the track 'Crown Ov The Dead', is clearly starting to get a taste/reputation for Metal and it's great to hear her getting the opportunity to really push her capabilities even further on this release; she adds a lot to this final track.

1. De Val
2. De Kwelling van het Bestaan
3. Vergif
4. Het Bedriegende Oog
5. Verder Van Het Licht

If you are a fan of Svartidauði, Leviathan, Misþyrming or MGLA then 'De Val' will be of interest to you and is available now as black and limited edition marbled clear red vinyl, as well as digital through Sentient Ruin for North America, and once again through Argento Records in the EU. A limited edition tape version is also going to be available from Dutch boutique label Tartarus Records.



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