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jools green
8th January 2018
Jools Green


Swedish Black Metallers Watain return with dynamic force with their latest full length 'Trident Wolf Eclipse', a release that should quieten the detractors who were less than constructive in their criticism of its predecessor 'The Wild Hunt'.

'Watain' dared to try to do something a little different and take a new direction and even do a Quorthon-esque slow track.

Personally I thought it was a brave, accessible and engaging listen, but then maybe I'm biased, having loved all their previous releases right from 2000's black and raw 'Rabid Death's Curse' and since then it's been an upward curve

Each album has built on its predecessor, having its own merits, and 'Trident Wolf Eclipse' is no exception.

Where 'Trident Wolf Eclipse' succeeds further is in the way they've maintained that crisp edge that came with 'The Wild Hunt' but with the ferocious hate-fuelled content and full delivery of 'Lawless Darkness' and its predecessors.

Complete with a thicker sound, a full throttle delivery to the blackened riffing, a pummelling onslaught from the drums and a superbly acerbic vocal delivery, I think they've pitched it perfectly.

They have still utilised elements of that Dissection /Necrophobic style of blackened melody in places, particularly on 'Furor Diabolicus' which has a very strong Necrophobic edge.


There is a very Swedish aspect to the sound and a commonality I really enjoy about Swedish Black Metal, along with not fully having both feet in the purist Black Metal camp, allowing Death and Thrash elements to subtly garnish where necessary.

An album doesn't always need to be ground breaking, just how much ground is left to break anyhow? It just needs to sound good and engage the listener and 'Trident Wolf Eclipse' does perfectly.

Lyrically you can rely on that tried and tested mix of chaos, death, darkness with Luciferian elements so no complaints there either.

It's not a release I can choose favourite tracks easily, the whole thing is such an immensely powerful and invigorating listen that offers something different on each track and every play through adds a new favourite to my list.

From the offset, the opening title track 'Nuclear Alchemy' is a mind blowing, full-throttle assault with an abundance of thrashy squeals and catchy lyrical repeat.

'Sacred Damnation' is intensely blackened and sinister , with subtle symphonic undercurrent to the close, the hauntingly sinister 'Teufelsreich' is awash with hypnotic riffs, 'Furor Diabolicus' is a punchy riff fest with superbly slick direction switching and screaming lead work.

There's a sublime contrast between haunting rise and fall of the guitars and rasping vitriolic vocals on 'A Throne Below', 'Ultra (Pandemoniac)' has a catchy dark groove, great percussive elements and 'Towards the Sanctuary' is a pummelling onslaught punctuated with delightfully diabolical riffing and powerfully effective switching.

The final track 'The Fire of Power' is slightly slower in tempo but instead has a very strong emotive delivery and if I was forced to choose would probably pick this as a favourite just because something about it reaches out to me personally.

It makes a superb album closer to an equally superb album that makes you crave listening over again but honestly there really isn't much between the eight tracks, it's that good.

Track listing:
Nuclear Alchemy
Sacred Damnation
Furor Diabolicus
A Throne Below
Ultra (Pandemoniac)
Towards the Sanctuary
The Fire of Power

'Trident Wolf Eclipse' is out on Century Media from the 5th of January and is a superb listen that will utterly kill live - can't wait for that either!




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