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jools green
29th November 2017
Jools Green


Turkish Black Metal duo Zifir return with their third full length album, 'Kingdom of Nothingness' and what a superbly sinister, eerie and atmospheric release it is.

It's also eerie that the album spans thirteen tracks, could be a coincidence, but what is certain is just how good it sounds, drawing you in immediately with the hypnotically haunting and mystical opener 'Befog'.

The whole release is hugely reflective and broodingly atmospheric, bleak and raw with a slight air of morbidity to it.

Also hugely powerful in the vocal department, there's a good range to the vocals; ritualistic chants, spoken word, particularly on 'Common Insanity' where this is executed to huge effect, and an overall acerbic rasping delivery.

There are haunting background vocals that echo the lead vocals on 'Mina' and take on an almost deranged slant on 'Diabolis Praescriptum' and there's an unnerving clarity to the vitriolic, delivery on the superb 'A Crowded Nothingness'.

This sits well alongside the poignantly phrased riffing and the almost deranged yells of "Chaos!" on 'A State of Chaos' which cut through like a rusty knife. Needless to say, the vocals really bring a lot to this release.

Pace-wise it's slow to mid mostly, but well varied throughout and melds traditional old school alongside modern elements with a haunting eastern flavour. As most tracks are way under the six minute mark there's nothing overstretched or over-padded going on here either.

At times there is some very good drum work, ranging from precise militaristic rhythms to full-on battery, guiding the mood and pace on 'The Relief in Disbelief' and on 'The Ascension'. Here, the mix of militaristic drum beats and spoken vocals that sound reversed alongside metallic-tinged riffing add a superbly sinister mood.

Favourite tracks? The main one has to be the slow dark and sinister '769' with its superbly phrased riffs. Once again the vocals cut through like a rusty knife and tear out alongside dramatic haunting background chants that become prominent in the second half, delivered in a deep clean manner, adding an even darker edge to the track's tightly delivered riffs.

I was also impressed by the richly atmospheric 'Abet' with its spoken intro and haunting chants that drop away to an echoing whisper and repeat bass line.

Further impressing was 'Echoes from Nowhere' the vocals veer into the deranged at times, with more eerie deep cleans plus 'A Crowded Nothingness' for the unnerving clarity of the vitriolic rasping vocal delivery and poignant riffing.

The Relief in Disbelief
Diabolis Praescriptum
Common Insanity
A State of Chaos
As Weak as Your God
Echoes from Nowhere
The Ascension
A Crowded Nothingness
Evoke (bonus track)

The album is available from Duplicate Records as CD, LP and all digital platforms. All purchases via the Duplicate Records web shop or Bandcamp include an immediate digital download of the album, including the bonus track also on the CD.

'Kingdom of Nothingness' should appeal to even the most discerning of Black Metal addict, it's an entrancing listen.



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