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14th October 2010

steve goldby

It's about time we had some columnists on and I've been working hard on signing a few up this last couple of weeks. Yesterday saw the publishing of the first ever MetalTalk column, expertly written and executed by Hunny Claire Moat and you can read Claire's writings by hitting the link on the left.

We have two more columnists on the way in, one of whom is a big name in Metal, and I am expecting that by the end of the year we will have an excellent team of writers and will be producing at least one new column per day.

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As for news, reviews and interviews, that section is also well on the way to sparking into life. Mark Taylor will be taking care of the interviews and live reviews and we have a stack of albums being reviewed right now.

And watch out for the MetalTalk Forum as well. Its pretty quiet on there right now but its about to take off, once we put our plans into motion. I've been involved in football message boards for years now and I know exactly what we need to do to get this one going and once again, by the end of the year, we should be rocking on there.

So all in all, if everything goes to plan - which is totally down to me - then we should have a great Metal service on our hands as we move into 2011.

The power of the internet has allowed unemployable people like myself to live their dreams as we can now do everything independently and I will always be grateful for the opportunities that the best invention of my lifetime, and possibly all time, gave me.

The internet did however cause a little consternation amongst my fellow co-manager of Tank, and indeed all of the band members, when we were contacted by Rock Radio this week and informed that the new album 'War Machine' had been downloaded from torrent sites more than 10,000 times in five days, and we don't even release it until 25th October.

You have to be flattered by that, and the debate right now is 'does this harm our business or provide us with extra fans?' This is one of the items that we will be debating on the MetalTalk Forum in the coming weeks but in the meantime, see what the band's opinion is on Rock Radio by clicking here.

So whilst I await the release of what I think will be the top Metal album of this year, and consequently the decade so far, I can only urge you to check the band's official site (click here) on Friday as we will be releasing a sample of each album track every day for ten days and I guarantee you will like what you hear.

So I will say no more on that at the moment and I will let the music do the talking.

I'm looking forward to Thursday night in a big way as two of my favourite bands are on the Electric Ballroom bill. I first saw the mighty Alestorm in February 2009 and this will be my fourth time as I was lucky enought to catch them in Stuttgart at the Bang Your Head festival last year and also in Ibiza in June.

Sabaton head the bill as part of their 'World War tour' and the Swedish power metallers are one of the hottest tickets in Metal right now. Their set at Hammerfest in Prestatyn in March was nothing short of excellent and this is one gig that I am realy excited about.

Here's the video of Alestorm at Wacken in 2008. Over The Seas is the opening track from the band's debut album...

I'll be writing the review of Thursday night's extravaganza so look out for that sometime Friday morning, depending on what time I awake after Thursday night's social misadventures.

Elsewhere in the Metal world, I was really happy to see that Tony Iommi is working very hard on new material and has absolutely no thoughts of retirement. What I really want to see is Tony, Geezer and Vinny go out as Black Sabbath with Jorn Lande on vocals.

When this line-up played the Ronnie James Dio tribute gig at High Voltage in July, I thought that Jorn looked like he had been in the band forever and I don't think anyone else, Doogie White and Glenn Hughes excepted, could fill Ronnie's boots. But Doogie has his hands full with Tank right now and Glenn is out with Black Country Communion so its Jorn all the way for me.

But I think the majority of Metal fans would disagree with me there and would prefer a reunion with Ozzy and I think that is the likeliest thing to happen but watch this space. Jorn may still get the gig as it appears nothing has been decided yet...

That's it for now. More from me soon...

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