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20th March 2011

steve goldby

On Sunday 27th March, Manowar, the 'Kings Of Metal', will Hail England for the the first time since 1994 when they played the Marquee in London. It's been way too long...

Manowar do not fuck about. Manowar are for real. They sing about the glory of Metal and a Holy War that rages between Metal and other forms of music.

They wish 'Death To False Metal' and quite right too. They have stuck to their guns and never wavered from their principles for many years now. Manowar have earned our respect, and then some.

Joey DeMaio is the truest stalwart of Heavy Metal. He embodies and encompasses every aspect of the true Metal way. He is everything that every true Metaller wishes to be.

"I believe in the fans, I believe in metal more than anybody you've ever met. And you've known me a long time. I've never pissed on you even though you constantly do it to me. And I don't stab the fan in the back. And another thing, I'm prepared to die for metal. Are you?"
Joey DeMaio: 2006, Rock Hard magazine.

Manowar have constantly been accused of being a parody of themselves, of being overblown, pompous, arrogant and lots more besides. The press have abused them over the years in a manner that is nothing short of disgraceful.

But when their ink has dried and their insignificant, meaningless careers are over, Manowar will still be standing true, will still be independent and will still be spreading the Glory Of Metal in Odin's name.

If you want to criticise this band, then you will have earned the right to do so only when you have achieved a portion of what they have achieved. That's a hard call.

Manowar are the 'loudest band in the world'. In 1984 the band was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance after they achieved a SPL of 139dB during the sound check at the Magic Circle Fest in 2008, a record which they have since broken on two occasions.

On the opening night of Kaliakra Rock Festival 2008 in Bulgaria on July 5th 2008, Manowar played for five hours and one minute and in doing so, they broke the world record for the longest Heavy Metal concert in history, which they themselves set in 2007 at the same festival.

Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams, Karl Logan and Scott Columbus played to a crowd of over 20,000 people with a playlist of more than 40 songs, a selection reflecting the band's history and all their studio albums.

Joey DeMaio said a big "fuck off" to all record labels by taking the band independent and forming Magic Circle Music. Manowar run their own operation from top to bottom and being the truest of true Metal warriors, they stand alone, are answerable to nobody and are masters of their own destiny. Respect!

Manowar signed their first record contract in their own blood.

Manowar are the only band to have recorded with Orson Welles. The legendary actor and director narrated 'Dark Avenger' from the debut album 'Battle Hyms' in 1981.

Next Sunday is the first time that Manowar have played in England for sixteen long years but Joey is no stranger to these shores. Joey announced in October 2010 that the band had gone to the studio to re-record 'Battle Hymns' and the project moved remarkably fast.

The band issued constant updates on the progress of the recording and the most dramatic of these came when Joey announced that he was flying to London the next day as Christopher Lee was going to do the narration on 'Dark Avenger' and they were to record at Abbey Road Studios over that same weekend.

Here's what happened when the the Lord of the silver screen joined forces with The Kings Of Metal...

Manowar songs capture the essence of life's everyday battles and the band play them out amidst a Proto-Norse Nordic Sturluson-esque setting. Artistically, the 'glory of battle' has never been used to such astonishing effect.

Manowar mean it. And when they light up England next Sunday evening, have the roof nailed down.

"Every musician who ever played with Manowar took an oath to do our best to bring our music to as many Metal fans as possible. I'm not kidding. We took that holy oath many years ago and set the seal on it with blood. And we won't break the oath for any kind of asshole!"

Joey DeMaio. 2003.

Steve's recommended Manowar videos.

It's not possible to name my favourite Manowar track as they have far too many great songs to narrow it down to just one. You'll find all shades of light and colour in Manowar's songs and here's a selection of what I consider to be the very best...

Sons Of Odin

This classic piece of art contains possibly the best built up chorus ever. It climbs to a crescendo in the most magnificent of ways.

The Crown And The Ring

This is a pure epic. There are no other words that can do it true justice. With complete choir - a must see!

The embedding on the video has been disabled for some reason so you'll need to click here. You won't regret it.

Battle Hymn

Features every past member of the band, flown in to specially for this unbelievably huge track.

Swords In The Wind

This is not an official video but the song fits so well with the movie footage that it had to be included here. At 4.16, the Vikings speak the prayer. It brings a tear to the eye.

Master Of The Wind

Another epic, captivating, moving piece.

Heart Of Steel

"Stand and fight, live by your heart. Always one more try. I'm not afraid to die."

Lo, there do I see my father
Lo, there do I see my mother
And my sisters and my brothers
Lo, there do I see the line of my people
Back to the beginning
Lo, they do call to me
They bid me take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla
Where Manowar may live


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