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  19th May 2010

Steve Goldby

dave evans

This is an immensely pleasing album which maintains a relentless pace from the opening chants of start-up track 'We Won't Dance To Your Song' right throughout.

'Little Headbanger' and 'Another Boy On The Street' carry on where the opener left off before the boogie riff of 'You Talkin' To Me' takes the music to a slightly different crescendant level.

The tracks all carry a distinctive sound and whilst there are no major surprises here, this is solid stuff that most certainly deserves a big place in today's scene.

There's more than a touch too much of AC/DC here but what did you expect? Dave is the original singer and almost certainly helped define the band's sound. What he has done here is drag it into the twenty-first century, kicking and riffing and the slick production gives it an edge over most of the competition.

'Band Molls' is a stomping romp through 'Whole Lotta Rosie' territory - lyrically, not musically that is. Musically, the track vears off in an unexpected direction when the chorus kicks in and this is probably the standout track on the album.

And then the militaristic style riff of 'Shoot On Sight' kicks in with this bruiser of a track leaving the listener out of breath by the time the anthemic 'Judgement Day' kicks in.

'Judgement Day' would have been a great album closer but instead the opus ends with a version of 'House Of The Rising Sun' that is most certainly distinguishable from the original. Dave sigs the first lines with no accompaniment and this is how a cover should be done - stamping your own mark on it instead of just aping the original.

Excellent production, great tracks and solid performances which fans of AC/DC, Cinderella, Airbourne and Four Wheel Drive are certain to enjoy. I'm not sure it has flagged up as 'country' in my Windows Media Player though. I'm sure Dave isn't from Preston...


Newcastle Trillians May 20
Carlisle Brickyard 21
Birkenhead Revolver 22
Manchester Moho Live 23
Milton Keynes Sno! Bar 25
London Gaff 26
Grimsby Yardbirds Rock Club 27
Swindon 12 Bar 28
Nottingham Rock City 29
Blackpool Let There Be Rock AC/DC Convention 30
Welshpool Music Festival 31
Glasgow Rockers June 2
Camarthen Outback 4
Cardiff Barfly 5


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