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Steve Goldby


'Supergroups' are a rock 'n' roll enigma. When megastars unite, the expectation levels are usually so high that the end product seemingly falls short, Them Crooked Vultures, The Firm and Gogmagog being classic examples.

But Chickenfoot appear to have broken the mould here with an exquisite performance from four virtuosos who look like they have been playing together for years.

To be fair, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have, although it's been a good few years since their last outing together with Van Halen, and you can certainly hear some Van Halen licks and grooves in the songs on this DVD, although the actual song quality has not yet reached its complete potential.

So do Hagar and Anthony mix it up well with Satriani and does Joe fill the shoes of Eddie Van Halen? You bet, and then some...

Joe works his absolute magic from start to finish without pausing for breath and makes the whole thing look so God-damn easy. But it's far from easy in reality.

What it is is a stunning display of musicianship by four of the best on their field and you will be spellbound by the sheer technical wizardry that Chickenfoot demonstrate in this very special gig.

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Get Your Buzz On Live features the full live show from the group when they played live at The Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona last September 23. There is also footage from the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia and The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Also included on the disc is a documentary, backstage footage, photo gallery, interviews with the band, and other bonus content. There's also special guest appearances from Adam Corolla, Bob Weir, and Christopher Guest who was 'Nigel Tufnel' of Spinal Tap.

The band look completely comfortable, totally into it and are clearly enjoying themselves thoroughly. The concert footage itself opens with a backstage shot of the group and crew locked in a football style hug and praising 'the resurrection and the life'. Whether this is for real or some sort of joke is unclear and if Hagar, Satriani et al have really found religion, it has not been widely publicised. This clip was unnecessary and pointless as organised religion has no place at all in rock 'n' roll.

However, opener 'Avenida Revolution' sets the tone for the whole DVD as the band start by firing on all cylinders and never let up once. Satriani is absolutely on fire and this is where we get our first taste of the aforementioned Van Halen-isms with Michael's backing vocal melodies connecting beautifully with Sammy's lead to remind us all of a very special bygone era.

You simply cannot fault the highly accomplished musicianship as the band rip into the set with a gusto. Every track is most definitely a winner but the package lacks a truly classic song, however I fully expect this band to produce one sooner rather than later if indeed this is to be a long term project.

'Get It Up' provides a great crowd participation moment and we are treated to Sammy's classic 'Bad Motor Scooter' - the first song he ever wrote according to the frontman - and The Who's 'My Generation' to finish off proceedings.

'BMS' is introduced by a slick piece of slide guitar played by Hagar himself and special mention must go to Chad Smith, drummer extraordinaire who teams up perfectly with Michael Anthony to from a magical rythym section of the highest class.

This whole package is a worthy addition to any collection and it's no surprise that Chickenfoot won the 'Best New Band' award at last year's Classic Rock awards. All we need now is that truly classic song for Chickenfoot to surely become a huge household name.

'Chickenfoot: Get Your Buzz On 'Live'' is released on DVD & Blu-ray in the USA by EMI America (April 20) and in the UK by Eagle Rock Entertainment (April 26). Further info:


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