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  1st August 2010

Steve Goldby

ronnie james dio

Video footage has emerged from last Saturday's final Heaven And Hell concert at The High Voltage Festival in London's Victoria Park.

The concert was a tribute to the late and very great Ronnie James Dio who very sadly passed away in May. Jorn Lande and Glenn Hughes stood in on vocals.

The band began with E5150 and tore straight into Mob Rules and here it is.

As you can see and hear, Black Sabbath reforming with Jorn on vocals would work extremely well. The set list for Saturday's tribute concert was as follows;

1. E5150/The Mob Rules w/Jorn Lande
2. I w/Jorn Lande
3. Country Girl w/Glenn Hughes
4. Children Of The Sea w/Glenn Hughes
5. Turn Up The Night w/Jorn Lande
6. Voodoo w/Jorn Lande
7. Bible Black w/Glenn Hughes
8. Falling Off The Edge Of The World w/Glenn Hughes
9. Die Young w/Jorn Lande
10. Heaven And Hell w/Jorn Lande, Glenn Hughes
11. Neon Knights w/Jorn Lande, Glenn Hughes, Philip Anselmo

Fairly good quality audio of every track is available by searching on YouTube and here are the video highlights of what turned out to be a superb tribute to one of the all-time greats.


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