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white wizzard flying tigers

This is pure classic Metal played at its best - simple as. A real gem of an album that will get any true Metaller's pulse racing and heart beating faster.

'Flying Tigers' will grip you at the beginning and keep you enthralled until the end as despite its many influences, every song stands up on its own and carves out its own niche in modern day Metaldom. This is one album that will be played over and over again...'

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So what of 'Flying Tigers'? What's that title all about? White Wizzard bassist and mainman Jon Leon recently told Classic Rock magazine it is a tribute to a legendary World War II fighter squadron.

"When I wrote the music and lyrics for this song, it just seemed so visual that it lent itself to being the album title. The Flying Tigers was the name given to the First American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force, and they took on the Japanese, who had far superior aircraft, with incredible success. Their kill to death ratio was amazing."

'Flying Tigers' is the second studio album by White Wizzard and the last album to feature Wyatt Anderson on vocals. Wyatt departed the band in June 2011, just after 'Flying Tigers' was recorded. Not the best career move to record a cracking album and then lose your vocalist. Michael Gremio has been announced as 'touring vocalist' and hopefully the band will return to a settled line-up shortly as this album deserves to be aired for a long time yet.

You are left under no illusions from the moment that opener 'Fight To The Death' kicks in. This song takes no prisoners at all - you can run if you want but you won't be able to hide from the sheer force of this majestic album starter.

Further highlights include the brilliant 'Starchild' which is a glorious celebration of everything that makes Heavy Metal great. Thunderous riffage, piledriving rythym and a crescending chorus that will have you replacing the idea of lighters in the air with something a little more powerful. Perhaps a fifty foot blowtorch?

This whole album is pretty much like that. It truly is a Metal celebration and the further you get into it, the more you realise just what a band White Wizzard really are.

Jon Leon's bass playing deserves a special mention. I played 'Flying Tigers' to a good friend of mine who is himself a very accomplished Metal bass player and also bass tech for one of the biggest names on the live rock circuit and he was impressed with how 'busy' the bass was throughout and you couldn't get a much bigger endorsement than that.

There's shades of the NWOBHM in here as well, particularly on the latter half of the title track but the clean, fresh sound of FT makes comparisons insignificant. The album stands up well and will definitely stand the test of time.

It's a miriad of moods, themes and shades and the tempo doesn't let up at all, even in the 'quieter' moments. From the mean riffage of 'Demons And Diamonds' through the sinister tones of 'Night Stalker' to the chill of 'Dark Alien Overture', there's something for every Metal fan in 'Flying Tigers'.

White Wizzard have created a classic album and hopefully the next line-up will do it justice. White Wizzard hit Europe in a couple of days as special guests on Iced Earth's 'Dystopia' tour and the tour hits London next Friday night. We'll be reviewing it right here on

All hail the Wizzard!

Highly recommended.


1. Fight To The Death 4:53
2. West LA Nights 4:38
3. Starchild 5:23
4. Flying Tigers 5:08
5. Night Train To Tokyo 5:01
6. Night Stalker 3:55
7. Fall Of Atlantis 5:08
8. Blood On The Pyramids 2:57
9. Demons And Diamonds 9:13
10. Dark Alien Overture 2:12
11. War Of The Worlds 4:03
12. Starman's Son 6:37


30.10.2011 GER Bochum Zeche
01.11.2011 NED Amsterdam Melkweg
02.11.2011 NED Uden De Pul
03.11.2011 BEL Antwerp Trix
04.11.2011 GBR London O2 Islington Academy
05.11.2011 GBR Birmingham O2 Academy
06.11.2011 GBR Bristol O2 Academy
08.11.2011 FRA Paris Alhambra
09.11.2011 FRA Lyon Transbordeur
10.11.2011 ESP Barcelona Salamandra 1
11.11.2011 ESP Madrid Sala Heineken
12.11.2011 ESP Bilbao Rock Star Live
14.11.2011 ITA Milano Alcatraz
15.11.2011 ITA Rome Alpheus
18.11.2011 GRE Athens Gagarin 205
19.11.2011 GRE Athens Gagarin 205
20.11.2011 GRE Thessaloniki Principal Club
21.11.2011 BUL Sofia Yubileina Hall
22.11.2011 ROM Bucarest The Silver Church
23.11.2011 SER Belgrade SKC
24.11.2011 HUN Budapest Club 202
25.11.2011 SVK Bratislava Majestic Music Club
26.11.2011 POL Warsaw Stodola
27.11.2011 LTU Vilnius Forum Palace
29.11.2011 RUS Moscow Tochka Club
01.12.2011 FIN Helsinki Nosturi
03.12.2011 DEN Copenhagen The Rock
04.12.2011 GER Hamburg Markthalle
06.12.2011 GER Herford X
07.12.2011 GER Köln Essigfabrik
08.12.2011 GER München Backstage Werk
09.12.2011 GER Geiselwind Christmas Metal Festival
10.12.2011 SWI Pratteln Z7
11.12.2011 GER Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik
13.12.2011 TUR Istanbul Refresh The Venue
15.12.2011 CYP Nicosia Pavilion

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