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For lovers of Whitesnake, Bad Company and Bad English. We seem to have a 'bad' theme going on here but this is a very, very good album with extremely slick production, big slices of AOR style guitars and cracking songs that will have you bopping in the aisles.

If you like Journey in their heyday and classic 80s rock in general, you will really get off on this album.

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Ken Tamplin takes the vocals on all tracks and really brings these songs alive with a silky delivery that reminds you of a bygone era that should never be forgotten.

Greg dedicates this album to all the fans of rock music in any form from soft rock to extreme Metal. I personally would not call this extreme at all but that's because I play Trivium on loop most days. But what I would call it is a highly polished, very well worked collection of tracks that will have any fans of classic 80s rock cranking up the volume.

Greg has taken his love and passion of this style of music, taken a risk, gone down the 'no record company' route, put his heart and soul into this project and produced a right result!

The keyboards are prominent here but they don't turn this into a 'slopfest'. They add dimension and texture to a very high quality recording. More power to Greg X. Play it live, please.



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