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ABSOLVA: The Barfly, London
Thursday 17th October 2013
Pics by Dutch Michaels

steve goldby


Just as they were starting to break on through, Fury UK had to be temporarily iced due to Luke Appleton's invitation to become the new Iced Earth bass player back in April 2012, an opportunity that simply had to be grabbed with both hands.

Absolva were immediately formed due to these circumstances and made an instant impact as they hit the road straight away and released a massive statement with debut album 'Flames Of Justice', which apparently is shifting large numbers of units, a rarity in this day and age.

They're currently in the middle of a European tour which includes invitations to play in countries where the band members had no idea that their album had even been heard of or was being listened to. A triumph from adversity you may think, and you'd probably be absolutely right.

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Absolva grab you from the intro and keep your attention for the whole of their set. This is one impressive outfit and it's easy to see why they are one of the most talked about British Metal bands currently on the scene.

Not only do they sound great but they look great as well with an image that is pure Metal and totally befitting of a group of strong songs that live in the memory long after the band have left the stage.


Album title track 'Flames Of Justice' gets proceedings under way in fine style with the mighty 'Hundred Years' quickly following. It should be noted here that although several influences could be quoted, it would be futile and would not do the band justice because they have a fresh, original sound that makes them stand out from the masses.

In fact, it's hard to believe you are listening to a three-piece as each song contains a hard groove backed by searing melodies and an enviable rhythm section that you'd find difficult to match anywhere.


'Hundred Years' and 'Only When It's Over' are standout tracks which start with cracking slow intros then soar and burn. True classics.

But every song is a winner and they've pitched their set-list perfectly with the right blend of up-tempo belters slowed down at precisely the right moments. That's how they keep their audience enthralled right until the end.

'It Is What It Is' breaks up the set nicely and gets everyone rocking hard and this middle part of the set really demonstrates Absolva's professionalism and dynamism. Sheer quality.


'Empires', the hard rocker with singalong chorus, is the perfect track to finish on it's fair to say that there wasn't one person in The Barfly this night who didn't want to hear more.

Every song they play tonight is a total winner and to summarise, everything about this band is just right and to be able to say that when they are just eighteen months and one album in is remarkable.


There is no video available from this particular gig so I've included a couple of promo vids that were released before the band hit the road and these will give you a great idea of the sheer quality of Absolva.

In a week where Download announced an extremely disappointing line-up for 2014, we need guys like Absolva to keep the flame of British Metal burning and if they are not elevated to the very top of their profession in the next couple of years, then there is simply no (flames of) justice any more.

Absolva should be making an announcement in the not too distant future regarding the 'Flames Of Justice' follow-up and another tour and hopefully that will include some large festival dates for this sound belongs on the very biggest stages.

Keep your eye on this site for all the latest Absolva news as this is one band we will be keeping a very close eye on and supporting as much as we can.

Hail Absolva - British Metal kings of the 21st century!!


Flames Of Justice
Hundred Years
It Is What It Is
Only When It's Over
Code Red
Love To Hate
From Beyond The Light

Absolva are:
Chris Appleton: Guitar and Lead Vocals
Martin McNee: Drums
Dan Bate: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Current Remaining Tour Dates:
Thursday 7th: Netherlands, Eindhoven, The Rambler
Friday 8th: Germany, Herdorf, Rattenloch
Saturday 9th: Belgium, Namur, Magick
Sunday 10th: Netherlands, Emmen, Blanko


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