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Kentish Town Forum, London
Thursday 27th November 2014

steve goldby


Some said that Accept without Udo was bound to fail but the current line-up have been aiming high and they're up to the limit tonight in London with a slick, dirty and mean performance that is full of Metal heart.

Accept are bulletproof and far too good to be just drifting away onto the cabaret/nostalgia circuit. There is a future - a massive future and a quick refresher on the three albums they have released with Mark Tornillo says that it should be backed heavily.

And if Udo-n't want to because you're not happy about the fact that Herr Dirkschneider is no longer conducting operations then you must be too high to get it right because Accept with Mark Tornillo stand tight and are better than they have ever been.

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This was a real balls to the wall performance that made a statement. The band played like a collective son of a bitch and were fast as a shark throughout. What else would you expect from this legendary group.

Great tracks from the Tornillo-era such as 'Stalingrad', 'Pandemic' and 'Shadow Soldiers' sat comfortably by the side of a wealth of classic songs and stood their ground. If you haven't heard the Tornillo-era material yet, then you should go and do it right away because it is dead on.


There was no shelter for the audience as a blitzkrieg of the very highest quality Metal tunes kept the crowd locked and loaded and living for tonight. Accept played like there was no time to lose.

This is a tight, tight unit that are doing far more than walking in the shadow of former glories. By a long way, it ain't over yet because this band is burning and for them, there could be a new world coming.


It's hard to find a way to give each individual band member the praise they deserve but special mention goes to bass player Peter Baltes who really stood out tonight with a youthful and virtuoso performance.

Wolf Hoffmann was his usual brilliant self and I'm sure I saw thunder and lightning emanating from his fretboard. Like in football, German Heavy Metal is ahead of the pack and Wolf is the captain of Germany and they would probably go on to win the tournament.

The band did not put a note wrong tonight, played a magnificent set-list to perfection and it was a very clear case of objection overruled for the doubters who choose to remain in the 80s.

Shake your heads and have a listen to 'Teutonic Terror' from the 'Blood Of The Nations' album. As great as he is, Udo hasn't written anything as engaging as that for many years.

That's rock n' roll. That's Accept.


200 Years
Losers And Winners
London Leatherboys
Dying Breed
Final Journey
Shadow Soldiers
From The Ashes We Rise
Restless And Wild
Ahead Of The Pack
No Shelter
Princess Of The Dawn
Dark Side Of My Heart
Fast As A Shark

Metal Heart
Teutonic Terror
Balls To The Wall


Accept are:
Wolf Hoffmann - guitars
Peter Baltes - bass
Herman Frank - guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann - drums
Mark Tornillo - vocals


I've purposely included several Accept song titles in this review and I've got a very special Christmas treat for one of our lucky readers.

The person who can name the most Accept songs in this review will receive a special Accept related Christmas present which I will duly blag from the record company this week.

Just email me here with a list of all the titles you have picked out and whoever gets the most gets the special Accept Christmas present. I'll be in touch with the lucky winner a few days before Christmas.

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