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HAVOK: TIME IS UP (Candlelight)

24th March 2011

scott adams


Denver thrashers Havok return in 2011 with some new members and a beefed up sound, but the mission statement's the same – thrash til death!

Really there's not a whole lot else to add. In simple terms, TIU is a brutal run through all the tenets established by thrash's big four in 1984, with a little twenty-first century metalcore pizzazz thrown in to keep the young people happy – and us such it's an unqualified, roaring success.

Take the utterly magnificent DOA, for instance. The acronymic title alone tells you this is proper thrash, and not some ersatz revivalist slop. Riding in on some beautiful primetime Mustaine intricacy, it soon hits top gear in a maelstrom of classic staccato riffage, vocalist David Sanchez letting out his best Arayaesque scream before the band en masse chant in finest Anthrax style the title over and over again.

If you feel the tops of your sneakers growing so they cover your ankles whilst you're listening to this, don't be alarmed – it's only natural.

Covering Fire, meanwhile, whilst sounding like something Razor might have recorded had they been good enough, eventually turns in to a tech thrash tour deforce of frankly staggering proportions. Honestly – there's nothing new under the sun in metal these days, but if you fancy some pure, bona fide thrash metal (and let's face it the big four can't produce anything as fearlessly coruscating as this in 2011) – and you don't mind the odd bit of misappropriation of classic riffs every now and then – then you'll do a lot worse than 'Time Is Up' in 2011.

Genuinely exciting.

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