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9th May 2011

scott adams

black n blue hell yeah

Of course the absurd thing about this nostalgia trip we're all on is that bands that weren't much cop in the first place are hailed in 2011 as returning conquering heroes; hair metal prodigal sons returning to the family home to get their share of the fatted calf, or something.

However there's a price to pay - it's the classic Robert Johnson 'crossroads' scenario; you want something, you gotta have something to trade in return. Which means you, the listening public, in return for the audial goodness that will be, for instance, the new Journey album, has to put up with sub standard pap from the likes of Black 'n' Blue.

It's not terrible, of course – 'Target' is fine if you're trying to imagine what the outtakes from 'Hot In The Shade' might have sounded like (the irony of course being that Tommy Thayer, once of the B 'n' B parish is now in – guess who – KISS!), and is sure to fill dance floors at whatever Metal clubs are holding an eighties night this week.

But Black 'n' Blue were strictly League Two material, even in their heyday, and there's been no miraculous improvement in quality during the fallow years of their enforced absence from our consciousness.

The band is full of hac- sorry, seasoned professionals, so there's a certain level of proficiency at work here, but really reheated Kiss tributes aren't what anyone in 2011 really wants, no matter how enthusiastically they are delivered – not even from Kiss. Best avoided.

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