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28th June 2011

scott adams

journey eclipse

Christ on a bike. It's rarely, if ever, these days that a completely new (to me) band manages to take such a complete and utterly ravishing grip on the ol' lugs, but here I am, looking like the bleedin' FA Cup in the grasp of this most utterly astonishing album.

In just over one half of your earth hours The Gloria Story, from Sweden, completely and utterly wipe the floor with the power-poppin' opposition, in the process writing those same hapless fools a new set of rules for future reference.

Shades of White is a jaw-droppingly irresistible conflation of what made the late seventies such an enticing period for fans of the good stuff.

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Fusing the guitar dynamism of Jailbreak/Chinatown/Renegade era Lizzy to the lazy class of the primetime Steve Miller Band would be a good enough starting point; but then, just to make sure, these boys slather on a bucketload of sure fire winner 'modern rock' attitude over the top of the cake to ensure that no-one – make that NO-ONE - misses out on what's going on here.

The likes of 'Valentino' and 'I Don't Wanna Be Your Bet' could easily have come from the mighty pen of Lynott, whilst if 'I Can Make You Run', with it's woozily familiar Foos feel isn't a worldwide radio hit then ere the year is out then I'm not a slightly overweight man with hyperbole issues.

Look, whatever your particular rock proclivities are, you need to hear this album. In the unlikely event you don't like it, I'll be happy to give you a full refund and point you in the direction of your nearest ear doctor.

For the rest of us – a hopefully long and happy association with these sonically superior Swedes awaits...

Let's Rock!

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