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'Freedom Call'
(Nuclear Blast)

21st September 2011

scott adams

Wow, what a weird album... Seven are already five-album veterans in their native Czech Republic, and such is their middle-European allure that monster German record label Nuclear Blast has decided to take a punt on Seven's sixth, if you see what I mean. Will they recoup their outlay? Your guess is as good as mine...


Now I wouldn't presume to comment on the Czech music scene, but I am willing to hazard a guess that Seven's brand of hard rock/heavy Metal rocks quite a few Bohemian worlds; it's just hard to see where they fit in in the bigger picture.

For a start, they don't seem to know who they are artistically. One minute, your ears are being battered with tasty double-time snare/feverish kickwork assaults that place the band resolutely in Metal territory; the next, on cuts such as 'The Road' or 'Suicide Fall', they opt for a more radio-friendly, post-grunge-informed modern rock sound that will have fans of Daughtry (or, worse, Nickelback) salivating like the deluded wretches they are, as they gleefully lap up the sub-Vedder nonsense being offered to them.

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Whilst every track on 'Freedom Call' is good as a stand-alone track - whatever my personal tastes, I have to give them that - it's hard to see anyone being truly captivated by the album as a whole.

So where does that leave us? As confused as Seven themselves it would seem. If they are to flourish on the world stage, they're going to have to decide which way to jump. They're good enough to succeed either way, but some commitment from the band itself is the only way Seven will be similarly rewarded by fans worldwide.

Watch this space.

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