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'The Light Of Which I Dream'
(Metal Evilution)
Out Now

scott adams

Tasmanian metallians Taberah have come up trumps with this, their debut full-length offering. A thoroughly enjoyable romp through the worlds of thrash, power and straight-up 'true' Metal, 'The Light Of Which I Dream' points to a rosy future for the Hobart quartet.


Sure, there are things you'll find to quibble with. The lyrics, for instance, though you'd hope there's an element of tongue and cheek juxtaposition involved in their creation, are rarely better than fifth form doggerel, whilst the sound isn't as crushing as you'd like as a casual observer although that, I'm sure, comes down to lack of time and budget as opposed to anything more sinister. Besides, once you've got used to the sound, you'll find yourself thoroughly absorbed in the fare on offer.

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Indeed, in some ways, the production on 'Light...' makes the album sound even more authentic, bringing to mind such delights of the late NWOBHM as Satan and their ilk. The likes of 'Stormchild' could easily give anything on the new White Wizzard album a run for its money, with some muscular riffage backing up a supremely melodic chorus.

Meanwhile, 'The Ballad Of Ruby Joy' shows the boys have a lighter touch and a good understanding of pacing within the framework of an album, taking the pace down before stoking the boilers again with the Maidenesque gallop of the title track, and the fantastic axe pyrotechnics of 'Requiem Of The Damned'.

A good start, then. Taberah is well worthy of your support, and this album is an excellent opening statement of intent - let's hope it paves the way for many more.


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