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Review Of The Year

scott adamssml

BEST METAL MEMORY: It never changes. The bit at 8:59 in the 'Live After Death' version of '...Ancient Mariner' when the explosions go off and the solos start. Still makes me stop what I'm doing and listen, and sometimes manages to bring a tear to the eye. That's what music is all about. Timeless brilliance.

GIG: Doomriders/I Exist, Australian National University, Canberra. With Metal shattering into a thousand genres and sub-genres, doom bands are keeping the flame of true Metal alive, and Doomriders are one of the best of them.

ALBUM: Machine Head 'Unto The Locust'. Pure, unadulterated Heavy Metal thunder.

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ARTIST/BAND: Artist, a toss up between Hieronymous Bosch or Breughel. Band? This year, for taking a big chance and putting out an album that many of their diehard fans might have a bit of trouble with, Nightwish. But favourite band? As ever, Kansas.


FESTIVAL: I managed to avoid all festivals this year. Not sure I'll be so lucky in 2012...

VIDEO: I've been watching a lot of old Frank Sidebottom footage this year.

SINGLE: Does anyone release 'singles' any more? Best track of the year? Within Temptation's 'Sinead' by a country mile.

Doomriders: 'keeping the flame of true Metal alive'


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