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30th January 2012

scott adams

Adelaide's Truth Corroded are currently burning up the road on their first European Trek, so Terror Australis decided now might be a good time to introduce you the reading public to them via the gift of a chat with Jason North, vocalist of said thrash Metal outfit.


And so, without further ado, let's get down to business... Jason - your first overseas assault – looking forward to it?

"We have actually toured a few times in Asia - China and Japan - but this is our first time over in Europe and yeah we are looking forward to it, it's a great tour to be on with some killer bands (Malevolent Creation, Krisiun and Vital Remains) so we gotta make sure we bring our A Game!

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It's something we touch on in this column failry regularly, but it's a question that I think warrants putting to everyone we feature. In the internet age, is there such a thing as the tyranny of distance anymore? Doesn't the 'global village' so beloved of David Frost really exist in 2012? And if that's the case, expense aside, is it getting easier for bands like Truth Corroded to get the message heard abroad?

"The internet definitely makes it easier for bands to get heard, but there are thousands of other bands out there using the same facilities so it is still really hard to get your band ahead of the pack. There are so many ways to use the internet to get your band heard but it can become very time consuming keeping up with it all the updating and creating profiles etc.

"But that being said its great that if you want to hear a thrash band from Australia all you gotta do is click on a link and there it is. As far as getting out there and playing to an overseas audience, the cost is still very expensive for us, Australia is a very remote country and its hard for bands here to get on the right overseas tours etc that will get you more exposure, but if you are willing to put in the hard work then its definitely achievable.

"More and more Australian bands are getting out there though (Psycroptic, The Amenta, Alarum etc) and we have some killer bands here so the readers should check them all out."

With regard to the current tour, what are you most looking forward to about the whole process?

"I'm really looking forward to the whole thing, playing to a whole new audience every night, playing with bands that we are fans of (and have been for some time) and just the whole touring process, seeing new places, new people and just taking in as much as possible - albeit from the inside of a touring van - but it's all good.

"There is something really cool that you can be a Metal band from Australia and tour a place like Poland, play your brand of Metal and then hopefully (if all goes to plan) you have a whole new contact/fan base in a whole new area of the world. Also I know we are looking forward to trying out as many different beers from all the regions as possible and I know we will try and get as many in as we can."

That's a very laudable aim. The plethora of ales aside, what do you think will be the biggest differences between touring in Australia and touring in Europe?

"It will definitely be the weather, at the moment its 36-40 degrees in Australia, when we get to Europe and play places like Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland its gonna be minus 6-10 degrees, so there will definitely be some adjusting to be made and some shrinkage..."

Ah yes, the shrinkage. A very real problem that shouldn't just be dismissed lightly. It's good to know you've thought ahead about such potentially debilitating matters. Assuming you overcome this, what should those European fans who've not seen you before expect from the Truth Corroded live experience?

"Some extreme Australian thrash that hopefully makes you want to check out the band more; We pride ourselves on our live performance and we intend to bring it 100% every show."

And on your return – any material written yet for the next album? What will the rest of 2012 hold in store for the band?

"The lads have already started writing some new material, but once we return we will get stuck into it for a few solid months before returning to the live scene again and hopefully a couple more overseas tours (Asia, Japan and maybe Europe again) and also do a couple of Australian tours in there as well. The plan for a new release is to try and have it available early 2013."

Anything else you think the readers of MetalTalk need to know about Truth Corroded?

"I Just want to say thanks for the support and exposure you have given the band, and if anyone out there is coming to one of the European shows or future shows come over and say hey and have a few beers with us, unlike most creatures from Australia we wont kill you..."

Sounds of Extreme Tour 2012 Remaining Dates:

03.02.2012 (CH) Le Locle / Scarkrows
04.02.2012 (CH) Dietikon / Sounddock14
05.02.2012 (GER) Trier / Exhaus
07.02.2012 (GER) Munich / Backstage
08.02.2012 (GER) Darmstadt / Steinbrucht Theater
09.02.2012 (HOL) Alkmaar / Victorie
10.02.2012 (HOL) Groningen / Vera
11.02.2012 (HOL) Rotterdam / Baroeg
12.02.2012 (BEL) Vosselaar / Biebob
13.02.2012 (UK) Manchester / Moho
14.02.2012 (IRE) Dublin / The Point
15.02.2012 (UK) London / Underworld
16.02.2012 (FR) Paris / Glazart
17.02.2012 (GER) Bad Oeynhausen / Druckerei
18.02.2012 (GER) Essen / Turock


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