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'Life Apocalypse'
(Own Label)

scott adams

titans eve life apocalypse

Titans Eve are being outed as one of the rising stars of the Canadian Metal scene and after a few listens to 'Life Apocalypse', their second album, it's easy to see why. In fact it's easy to see this youthful quartet busting the whole darn planet apart within the next five years if they can maintain – or, better yet, improve upon – the quality of material found on 'Life...'

Coming on like a heady (yet slightly less mindlessly heavy) amalgam of Trivium and Machine Head, what sets TE apart from the ever increasing modern thrash pack is their knack with a tune. The title track, for instance, is a stunning synthesis of everything that's thrilling about Heavy Metal in 2012, whilst the titanic 'Hollow Gods' gets done in four and three quarter minutes what it would take Rob Flynn and company an apparent aeon to achieve.

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Make no mistake - this is big time Metal, delivered with class and conviction that'll draw you in after just one listen and keep you in its thrall forever.

Anywhere you drop the metaphorical needle there's thunderous class to be enjoyed. Take the stadium singalong thrash of 'Divided We Fall', languishing at track number nine on the album, yet possessing enough premium punch to open proceedings for many supposedly more illustrious acts, it's insanely heavy yet melodic refrain carrying it's bruising rifferama to a triumphant finish... utterly compelling stuff.

It's too soon in the band's career to go completely overboard, of course, but when an artist turns in an album such as this – to coin a phrase, 'Life Apocalypse' is all killer, no filler – you can forgive yourself a little bit of a frisson of excitement each time you treat your ears to a listen.

Mark our words – this deserves to be the start of something big... very big.


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