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'Kobra And The Lotus'

scott adams

kobra and the lotus

Canadian chanteuse Kobra Paige is on the cusp of becoming a big thing in Metallic circles.

Her debut long player, emerging here on Gene Simmons' own Simmons Records imprint, casts her as a leather-lunged Bellatrix, a Metal Queen bellowing out tunes of glory to a largely uncritical teenaged male audience keen for a bit of glamour to lighten the mood in their still male-dominated musical environment of choice.

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I say Paige is cast because there's something not overly authentic about KatL; the girl can sing, but her voice, too often dumped on top of a strangely outdated mess of late eighties-styled shredding and power Metal sturm und drang often sounds slightly out of place, her slightly wooden phrasing battling against the fluid lead overloads supplied by guitarists Timothy Vega and Jasio Kulakowski.

That said, there are some good moments, notably the piano-led ballad 'Sanctuary' and album opener '50 Shades Of Evil', the former a more comfortable fit for Paige's voice, the later a heads-down Metal crusher of the highest order, but this is probably best avoided if bombast ain't your thing.


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